Recognised Prior Learning

Are you too busy working in the real world to sit in a classroom studying for a qualification?

You’re putting in the hard work every day in your job. There is a better way than going back into the classroom to achieve that qualification. Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is a way of recognizing the academic value of the skills and information you have acquired through training, paid employment, voluntary positions and general life experience. You may have heard of this process referred to as recognition of prior learning, recognised prior learning, skills recognition and RPL.

There are lots of myths about RPL. You may have heard them too.

RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING Myth # 1 “Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is going to cost you more in terms of time and energy than actually sitting in the classroom because it is so complicated and confusing.”

Sure, there are lots of training organizations who have made recognition of prior learning so difficult that many people have given up and found themselves sitting in a classroom being taught what they already know. 

However, there is a better and easier way. Recognition of Prior Learning is really about the fact that you’ve already done the learning in the real world and the process can be really simple. Simply by using your experience to speak for your skills and knowledge in our Simple Skills Recognition Process process you’ll get that qualification you’ve been wanting.


RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING Myth # 2 – “Training Organisations have no process for RPL, they just throw you a bundle of papers and give you no help or advice at all.”

Any Registered Training Organization that can’t show you a clear process for recognition of prior learning hasn’t embraced RPL and they aren’t the right fit for you and your experience. We know that because most of our team have encountered that same experience – a bundle of papers, no support and worst of all, no qualification at the end because you give up in disgust.

It’s this experience that makes sure that you can experience a simple, easy to work through process with us – a process in which we do most of the work, because you’ve already done the hard work in learning your job. The process is 5 easy steps that leave the academic processes to the academics and lead straight to you achieving your qualification.


RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING Myth # 3– “Proving you’ve got the skills and knowledge for an RPL application is near impossible.” 

Some people have spent months gathering up every scrap of paper they’ve ever held onto in their job to support their RPL application only to find it is still not enough. What is evidence anyway?

Evidence is just a reflection of the skills and knowledge you use every day in your position. It can be anything from paper-based to a conversation to watching you do something on the job. You can prove your skills and knowledge because you’re only proving what you do every day anyway and your assessor will work with you to use your skills for your benefit.


RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING Myth # 4– “RPL qualifications don’t carry the same weight as doing the course because you’re just buying a qualification.”

A qualification issued after an recognised prior learning assessment or after someone sits in the classroom for a course look exactly the same. No where on the qualification will you see how the assessments have been completed. The qualifications are all nationally recognised, issued under the Australian Quality Training Framework and have no reference to how you completed the qualification. 


RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING Myth # 5 – “If you haven’t sat the exams and completed the course, you don’t deserve the qualification.”

Some people think that the only way to learn something is to sit in a classroom, buried in books and learning the theory. The only problem with that way of thinking is that we all know that nothing beats experience. That is why there is no difference between sitting the exams to achieve your qualification or using recognised prior learning to achieve your qualification. With recognised prior learning, you’re demonstrating more than book knowledge, you’re demonstrating real life runs on the board and your ability to not only know the theory but to apply it consistently in your profession. That’s a level of knowledge that really deserves recognition in a qualification.


Welcome to the Simple Skills Recognition Solution

The Simple Skills Recognition Solution is a straight forward approach to recognised prior learning based on a respect for experience and common sense. It challenges traditional academic processes for recognised prior learning and helps you achieve the qualifications your experience deserves.

It’s the process that takes you from application to qualified in 28 days — supported by an assessor whose focus is on getting you the qualification that your experience deserves. 

You don’t have to navigate confusing paperwork, complicated academic language or jump through exam hoops — the Simple Skills Recognition Solution gives you a new approach to obtaining nationally recognised qualifications.

It’s incredibly effective.

Best of all, it’s easy to obtain the qualification you need on your resume at half the price and a fraction of the time it would take if you returned to the classroom with no allowances for your real world experience.

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