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Job-search sites and apps seem to be multiplying daily. Seek and CareerOne are still excellent resources, but there are many other replicas that don’t seem to add much to the existing digital landscape. However, some more recent additions are doing things a bit differently and offering something more (or more specific) to people on the prowl for work. We’ve combed through a whole lot of them to narrow it down to the list below. Happy hunting!


Found is an app that’s often described as a ‘Tinder for jobseekers.’ With most users in the 18-35 age demographic, this may be more suited to the young ‘uns among us, but it’s a clear signpost for what job-seeking will probably look like in the future. Rather than submitting a resume and cover letter, users create a concise profile and are awarded stars for filling in different sections. Recruiters can chat with jobseekers in real time, and search for candidates by previous roles held, certifications, location and previous employers.


Adzuna is a search engine that consolidates job listing from a variety of other sites. Adzuna is governed by complicated algorithms that are designed to provide matches to both jobseekers and recruiters, sending alerts when a match is made. Adzuna can provide you with a lot of data about salaries in your industry, and has a service that tells you your monetary worth when you upload your CV. Interesting!


Glassdoor is a jobs site that also contains a lot of data about companies, including reviews, salary reports, office photos, CEO approval ratings and interview reviews. This site seems to be aimed at providing jobseekers with comprehensive information about what a company is like to work for, as opposed to info about who they are. Glassdoor says their information comes from the employees themselves, who are the best people to provide those insights. Employers can also create brand profiles.


Jora’s main selling point is their size – they’re a search engine that, like Adzuna, aggregates thousands of jobs from other sites – over 300 000, in fact. That’s double the size of their competitors. They’re affiliated with Seek, so you can use your Seek profile to apply for jobs if you have one. Unlike Seek, though, Jora is free to use for jobseekers as well as recruiters.

Ethical Jobs

Ethical Jobs is an interesting site that brings together people and organisations who are committed to sustainability and justice, and provides a platform for jobs that are aligned with these principles. Ethical Jobs lists community, environmental, not-for-profit and social enterprise roles that allow the person in that role to contribute to society in some way, either through the job or the organisation they work for. If these considerations are paramount when you’re on the hunt for a job, this is your site!

Spot Jobs

Spot Jobs is a site for people who are looking for part-time or entry-level roles. You can specify what time of day you’d like to work, whether you’d like a customer-facing role, and whether you’d like to work indoors or outdoors. Another selling point of Spot Jobs is that applicants create a visual CV, which is a quick snapshot of their experience and education. Spot uses this to pre-screen applicants for the jobs that recruiters post, so you only see jobs that are relevant.

Older Workers

Older Workers is designed to connect older job seekers (45+) with age-friendly employers. The advantages of this are clear – job seekers know that their age will not be an issue when applying for the jobs listed on this site, and recruiters get the benefit of accessing a pool of willing, experienced mature workers who bring reliability and established skills with them to any role.

Some other noteworthy sites:

The Job Shop, mostly for casual or seasonal work; Newcomers Network, for people moving to Australia from overseas; APS Jobs for work in the public sector; Seek, CareerOne, Indeed for good general job searches; and, last but not least – LinkedIn.

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