Valentine’s Day.

It’s a day of bravery.

It’s a day when people show their hand, declare what their heart holds and what is important to them.

That’s what we’d like to do today, too. We’re going to wear our hearts on our sleeves and just say what we feel, because if you can’t do that on Valentine’s Day, then when can you?

Deep breath. Here it goes.

It’s you. You are important to us.

In fact, you are the most important thing about us.

You, our students and customers and community, are the reason for us to keep evolving, to keep innovating, to keep striving for greatness.

We’ve been having some big conversations lately, about who we are as a company and what makes us different. As part of this we’ve been talking about our values; the things that we want to embody and the things we want to applaud in our community.

We’ve landed on a line that sums it up pretty well, so well that we’ll be shouting it from the treetops and writing it in the sky, every chance we get! It’s part mission statement, part aspiration:

Brave hearts and minds.

We’re pretty excited about this, because it celebrates us and encourages us, and gives us the opportunity to celebrate and encourage you, as well.

We’d like to do this publicly sometimes, because courage deserves attention. So, we’ve decided to acknowledge acts of bravery from our students with an award.

And, we’ve already chosen our first recipient

Kerry Chitty, this one’s for you.

Kerry Chitty

When Kerry enrolled in her CHC51308 Diploma of Education Support, she couldn’t have predicted the obstacles she’d face along the way. From surgery that put her shoulder out of commission for three months, to her husband’s diagnosis of heart failure and subsequent treatment, and other family members requiring hospitalisation, Kerry had a big year. But, she persisted despite all the challenges, and recently graduated.

Congratulations, Kerry, on your stamina and success. Check your mailbox…

p.s. This is just something that we’ll do randomly, and we’d love your help with it. Let us know if you’re feeling proud of your own progress against the odds, or if you come across someone else who you think deserves recognition for their bravery! Just shoot us an email at: with the details.

Remember, bravery can take many forms. We work with a lot of Defence personnel, and their bravery begins with the choice they make to enlist. We also work with a lot of students who have opted to study despite difficult circumstances, because they want to better their own lives and those of the people around them. We think that takes courage, too. Let’s give them a shout out!

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