Churchill COVID-19 Career Response Package

We have some good news to share…

Over the last few weeks, the whole team at Churchill has been taking many calls from people who are struggling.

They are struggling to get their heads around the outside world – the impact of COVID-19 on daily life and their jobs and businesses.

Even more so, though, what they are really struggling with is what is happening in their heads.

The very idea of who they are in this world and the life they have so carefully constructed is being pulled apart and they are scared.

So, they call us. Our story is no secret. We have learned about how to face the loss of certain income and the realities of adapting to forced career changes.

We know that you can’t afford to get lost in your own head too much – there is nothing good to be found in hanging out in a space riddled with fear and self-doubt.

Instead, you need to talk to people who can help you navigate change well and you need to take action swiftly.

As that famous general, George Paton said: “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

The world seems to be doing a 360 degree shift each day at present… It is therefore more important than ever to respond quickly to change, be adaptable and ready to act on opportunities.

To help our community we have created the Churchill COVID-19 Career Response Package which allows you to:
1.  Get recognised for your experience
2.  Get qualified fast
3.  Get noticed

The Churchill COVID-19 Response Package includes:·

  • Pay for your nationally recognised qualification(s)


  • A 7-Day Fast Track (valued at $295)
  • A Resume Consultation – via Zoom (valued at $195)
  • A LinkedIn Profile Consultation – via Zoom (valued at $195)

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