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Toot, toot! All aboard the Churchill Fast Track Express!! Get a free 7 Day Fast Track and Express Post (save $350) on all qualifications during December. Next stop: 2022!

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Get the Qualifications to Back Your Experience

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) turns your career experience into nationally recognised qualifications that employers in all industries value and understand.

Since Churchill began in 2006 we have helped thousands of talented people, just like you, to get the recognition they deserve through RPL.

For December we are giving away a free 7 Day Fast Track and Express Post with all qualification enrolments. 

This represents a saving of more than $350!

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10 great reasons people use RPL to turn their career experience into nationally recognised qualifications:

1. Qualifications back your experience and keep you relevant in an increasingly competitive labour market.

“Despite applying for six to ten roles a day and converting about one in twenty applications to interviews I was constantly coming a close second. The day after I received my qualifications, I interviewed for a project management role, presented my new qualifications and secured the role.”
Aaron Butteriss (Construction project management)

2. RPL means you don’t have to study what you already know

“I didn’t realise there was so much that I did within police that could contribute to a qualification. I think you can feel a bit pigeonholed when you’re in the police for so long. You feel as though your skills are so specific, but in reality, they are very useful in other industries as well,” he shared.
Evan Szawejko (Police to Auditing)

3. Qualifications demonstrate the transferrability of your skills

“You know what? We do have transferrable skills and we really should be recognised for them.”
– Tracey Pelling (Mining investigations, RAAF reservist, ex-police)

4. Qualifications open up a world of opportunities

‘If you don’t put your work experience on paper, it can hamstring you to the point you feel you can’t leave, can’t move and don’t have any flexibility. With qualifications and the confidence behind them, the world is your oyster.’
– Maurie Fatnowna (Police to CEO to Logistics)

5. We have been doing this since 2006

“My dealings with Churchill Education made me feel like a member, more than a member, it felt like I was a part of a family or community.”
– Brett Baddock (Detective Inspector with WA Police)

Find out what you are eligible for

6. You will be surprised by what you can achieve

“It was the biggest surprise. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I submitted everything thought if I get one or two recommendations I’ll be happy. Then I got the email saying I could achieve a whole list of qualifications. I couldn’t believe it.”
– Luke Allan (ex-RAAF Corporal)

7. The skills you have built up in your career are valuable

“Don’t second guess what you are capable of, and the value of your accumulated experiences. Get that piece of paper. Definitely go for it, because your skillset is saleable.”
– Meredith Williams (Corporate project manager & business consultant)

8. RPL gives you credit towards university study, saving you time and money

“There was a high-profile position I was looking at. The recruiter told me I needed a degree. I read through the job description and knew I could do it. It was all stuff I’d already been doing. I just didn’t have the qualification they were asking for. So, they wouldn’t even consider me.”
– Adam (Using his qualifications to save $14K off an MBA)

9. Employers often don’t value experience unless it is backed up with qualifications

“Absolutely go for it because it’s real. I’m a testament to the fact that you need that paperwork to really quantify your experience. Employers do look at it, 100%. I’m living proof of that.”
– Brendan Hughes (Promotion to mining superintendent)

10. Great work deserves recognition

“If you’ve worked your way up through your career, get some form of recognition for it. You may never get asked for it in an interview, but it’s something to be proud of. It may just be a piece of paper with a signature on it, but it means a lot. It recognises the skillset you’ve worked hard for over the years.”
Glenn Brearey (General manager)

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