Forest lake and Townsville childcare classes
Forest Lake class

Churchill Education has recently started a classroom-based program for students studying the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and we’re pleased to report that the feedback so far has been excellent. Students in this program attend classes one day a week and complete practical placement throughout the year, so they can achieve their Diploma within approximately 12 months.

Casie Jane Parker is one of the students participating in the first intake of the program, and she says that the program suits her lifestyle well. ‘Having class on just one day a week fits in really well with being a Mum. I really enjoy it. It’s very easy-going in these classes, but the work still gets done,’ she says. The structure of the program, in which students come to classes and also complete practical placement (work experience) alongside them, has been well-received from all of the students.

Casie had already had some experience studying, but says she’d never managed to stick with it, prior to this. ‘I started a few courses when I left school, but I didn’t really complete them, because I was so immature!’ The main difference with the Churchill Education classes is the level of support, Casie says. ‘When I was doing my Cert III, it was really stressful. It was full-on, and there was a lot of information and not a lot of help. Here, we work through it together.’

Brisbane’s Forest Lake class training
Casie Jane Parker, Churchill student

The classes are designed to be collaborative, relaxed and fun, and the students know that it’s okay to ask questions and keep talking about things until they understand them, Casie agrees. And, even though she has her own child, she’s still learning a lot. ‘When I had Fergus, I thought I knew what I was doing, but as the days went on, I realised that I didn’t, really! Now, when we do a unit in class, I go home to him and think ‘I need to implement these things.’

While not all students in these classes are mums, they have a shared interest in providing care and education to the little people of the world, and it’s this that motivates them. Some of the students already work in childcare facilities and want to progress, others come to the program with no experience and others see the Diploma as an ideal stepping stone to further study in Education, gaining one year of credit towards a Bachelor’s degree.


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  1. Helll, how old do you have to be ?? And how much ??

  2. Hi, I’m very interested in starting the course in October if I could receive an enrollment pack aswell as an information pack it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you .

    1. Hi Kevina,

      We’ve tried reaching out, but the email address you provided was incorrect.

      If you fill out our contact us form, we’d be happy to supply you the information.


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