A little while ago, we introduced you all to the newest (vehicular) member of the Churchill Education family, Matilda the bus, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We’re all pretty excited about Matilda and the potential she has. We think that everyone deserves an education, no matter where they are. One way of providing that education is online, and that’s how many of you, our students, are gaining your qualifications. But, we also wanted a way of taking education directly to students, especially in regional areas where they might not get many visitors! That’s where Matilda comes in.

Over the next few months, she’s got a pretty busy schedule, visiting students throughout south-eastern Queensland. As part of our VET in Schools program, we have trainers onsite at secondary schools all over the state, giving high school kids the opportunity to complete qualifications in Hospitality and Tourism, Outdoor Education and Horticulture while they’re still at school. That way, they get a head start when it comes to building their career after they’ve finished. The students have all been pretty happy to see Matilda, and have done some serious road-testing of her facilities for us, as you can see in the pics.

Matilda will be putting in some serious kilometres in the coming months, travelling around from coast to country and back again. We’ll be sure to let you know if she’s coming your way, so you can come out and say hello!

Matilda, the Churchill Education Bus



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