Forest Lake childcare training
Neerah Chawla taking notes in class

Churchill Education has recently started a classroom-based program for students studying the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and we’re pleased to report that the feedback so far has been excellent. Students in this program attend classes one day a week and complete practical placement throughout the year, so they can achieve their Diploma within approximately 12 months.

From what they’ve told us, the students have been really enjoying the opportunity to learn together in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. People from all different backgrounds, of different ages and with different levels of experience have come together in these classes.

They’ve made friends, had a few laughs and started to build their skills, all with the common goal of starting or furthering their careers as educators.

Here’s what Neerah Chawla, one of the students in the first round of classes in Forest Lake, has to say about the program:

‘I’ve been in Australia since 2007. I’m from India, and I worked in electronics. I started working in that field here, and everything was good. But, for electronics jobs, you have to travel and drive a lot. Back in India, my mum ran a childcare centre and I used to help her a lot. My sons are all bigger now, and my family said to me ‘Why don’t you go back to childcare? You loved it so much.’

Forest Lake childcare training
Neerah Chawla, current Churchill student

So, I started this course. Barbara is really helpful. She keeps everyone’s attention. Everything that is in the notes, she explains, giving examples, so we understand it and connect it with what actually happens when you’re working in childcare centres.

One of my friends is a childcare teacher, and she gave me a push to start this course. She said that this one would be good because the teacher is with you all the time, so you can ask questions, and she’s right. When I finish this, I’m hoping I can go on to further education in this area.

Initially, when I came, I thought I would get a big stack of books, and that wouldn’t have been good! But, Barbara just gives us the notes we need the week before the class on that topic. We go through the notes, and then we understand when we start discussing it in class.’

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