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Q&A: How do I prove what skills and knowledge I have?

A question we often get asked is 'how do I prove what skills and knowledge I have for attaining qualifications through RPL (recognition of prior learning). In this video Co-Founder Tricia Velthuizen explains the process and gives a range of types of RPL evidence that you can provide.

Towards the end of the video Tricia explains how we are able to work with sensitive or confidential information without compromising your situation.

In order to prove that the skills and knowledge that you've gained through your experience are sufficient to qualify you for RPL, you'll need to show evidence of them. This evidence documents how you have covered the content of the units within a qualification, in your working life.

What sort of evidence do I need to produce?

The types of evidence required depend on the qualification you are seeking, and there are specific lists for each qualification. Here are some examples of the types of evidence you could provide for RPL:

- Position descriptions

- Academic transcripts, qualifications and statements of attainment

- Internal training documents

- Documentation that reflects your role such as budget plans and projections, operational plans, risk management plans, training needs analysis reports

- Documentation such as staff rosters, policy and procedure documents you have written or contributed to

- Minutes of meetings you have chaired or participated in

- Compliance records

- Task lists

- Power Point presentations

- Observations from your workplace

- Performance review/ staff appraisal documents

- Incident reports

- Any relevant licenses

And we now have a nifty RPL Evidence Portfolio - a secure, dedicated folder that you can upload or bank your evidence to.

I am from Defence, what evidence can I provide?
  • A copy of your full ADO Service Record (available from your Clerks) along with two of the following items: a recent PAR, an ROA, your Duty Statement, a certificate issued by the ADF, a promotion notice, a posting notice, commendations or desensitised pay slip.

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