Churchill Education has recently started a classroom-based program for students studying the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and we’re pleased to report that the feedback so far has been excellent. Students in this program attend classes one day a week and complete practical placement throughout the year, so they can achieve their Diploma within approximately 12 months.

Forest Lake CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Vicki Sweeney, Churchill student

From what they’ve told us, the students have been really enjoying the opportunity to learn together in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. People from all different backgrounds, of different ages and with different levels of experience have come together in these classes.

They’ve made friends, had a few laughs and started to build their skills, all with the common goal of starting or furthering their careers as educators.

Here’s what Vicki, one of the students in the first round of classes in Forest Lake, has to say about the program:

‘I got my Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care back in 2010. I studied that through TAFE, in classes, which I really enjoyed. I got my qualification and I’ve been working mostly full-time since then, so I’ve got six or seven years of experience. We moved up here ten years ago from Tasmania, and I used to be a teacher aide, but the school system was different here. With prep being separated from the mainstream school, I decided to go into childcare because I could work in the kindy room. That’s my preferred age group. Now you need to be diploma-qualified to work in the kindy room, so even though I’ve had all that experience, I haven’t got the piece of paper to prove it.

Forest Lake CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Vicki Sweeney, Churchill student

So, I went back to TAFE, and tried to do an online course, but it was hard. I found it difficult to concentrate and I got distracted easily, so I didn’t get that far. Then, I found the ad on Facebook for this class. I really enjoy the interaction. Barbara [the teacher] is so good, she’s so knowledgeable. I love the way she’s able to pull your knowledge and understanding out of you, she prompts you with questions and helps you see what you already know.

The format of one day a week is really good. I work casually in a centre at the moment as well. After this qualification, I’d like to be back in the kindy room. Given my age, it suits me. You don’t have nappies to change and you’re not worried about your back!

I’ve always enjoyed the company of kids and I think I’ve passed that on to my daughter. She’s doing her teaching degree at the moment. I’ve already got two grandchildren with one on the way from my son, too. I’ve always been a nurturer. I wanted to be a teacher myself, but it just didn’t happen for lots of reasons, so this way, I still get to work with kids.

I really enjoy how diverse these classes are. There’s a mixture of age groups and a mixture of cultures, and it just brings different insights to the group. It’s great.’

Thanks for the feedback, Vicki. We look forward to seeing you at graduation!

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