Katie Higgins’s father has completed multiple qualifications with Churchill Education, and recommended us to his daughter when she wanted to expand her professional skills and knowledge.

Continuing the family tradition of working hard, Katie recently completed her BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resources Management, while working full-time and being a single parent to two children under four.

As Katie’s mentor, Karen, says, ‘Katie is a juggling-master. She has a very busy full-time job, balances that with mum-duties and her studies. We were able to recognise her skills and competencies through Competency Conversations and then just concentrate on training the gaps. Her studies have seen her journey through a couple of different positions at work and these have had to take priority over her studies whilst she has settled into new roles. But through it all she kept at it, making time in her very busy schedule to make ongoing progress. Well done Katie, I am so proud that you have done it!’

BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resources Management
Katie with Churchill’s CEO and co-founder, Tricia Velthuizen

Here’s what Katie has to say about her experience with Churchill: ‘It was fantastic. The point of difference for me, working in a full-time career and kids was the fact that my two mentors, Karen and Steven, came out to my site, to my office, and would go through the work with me and outline what I needed to do. For me, it was really about having that support.

Otherwise, I probably would have put it on the backburner, given the time factor- work then kids, kids then work. I really appreciate them coming out and it’s definitely what got me over the line.

I wanted to study this particular qualification because I was in a role that was very HR-focused (as opposed to recruitment) and it would have given me a greater understanding of that role.

I’ve since moved on from that position, and I’m now in a 100% recruitment role, but I still wanted the qualification under my belt in case circumstances changed, or I wanted to branch out and work on my own.

This way, I have both elements of Human Resources Management. It’s all about your own brand, in this industry. There are certain jobs that required this qualification, and I couldn’t apply for them before. Now I can, if I am back in the job market.

It feels great to get it done. I think it is a success story, for a single mum who has always worked full-time to do this. I’m the Queensland Manager for a recruitment brand, so it doesn’t stop. The kids are proud of me, I think – time will tell!’

We have no doubt your kids were very proud to see you up on that stage, Katie. Maybe one day they can study with Churchill Education, too!

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