The TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a versatile qualification, and it’s one that we issue to people in many different industries. For anyone who has worked in a training or assessment capacity, obtaining this qualification through RPL is an ideal way of demonstrating that you have a skillset in line with the benchmark qualification. That’s just what Simon Bennett did – here’s his story:

‘I run a company called Glide Outplacement and Career Coaching. We provide outplacement, career coaching, and resume writing services. As a result of the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment that I got through RPL with Churchill Education, we’ve been able to branch out into more training services and diversify what we can offer.

Simon Bennet, Glide Outplacement and Career Coaching
Simon Bennet, Glide Outplacement and Career Coaching

Career coaching involves assisting people, often who have been made redundant, to figure out what they want to do next, and to come to terms with the change in their life. We assist them with jobsearch and bridging the gap.

Some people we work with are changing industries altogether. Some people tell us that they’ve been working in their industry for a long time and gotten as far as they can get, or that they’ve always wanted to do something else. Sometimes they just say ‘I don’t know what I want to do, but I know it’s not this.’

We help them to work out what doors are open to them, and which ones they might need some help opening. We work with Defence members transitioning and people from all industries, from blue-collar workers to senior executives.

For a lot of people, just knowing that they’ve got somebody there fighting on their side really helps. And, jobsearch is a skill. Unless you’re doing it all the time, you won’t know how to do it well. My background is in recruitment and a lot of recruitment firms offer career transition services, but I saw a niche in the market for someone to do it a lot better.

The qualification (TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment) is kind of a ticket of entry when we’re pitching for some jobs – when you’re training a group of people, rather than individuals, you really need it. The TAE sets a certain standard for the contractors and staff that I’m responsible for, and the training services we offer.

I first got a TAE more than ten years ago, but that provider is long gone and I needed it again. It was a fantastic process getting it this time around – fantastic once I found Churchill. I started it with another provider initially but I don’t think they could have made it harder! In the initial conversation, they said they could help me, but then they just gave me a bunch of forms to go and work out on my own. I’ve helped others through the RPL process, so I know a little bit about what’s involved, but even knowing that, it was extremely difficult and complicated with the other provider, and just way harder than it needed to be.

The conversations I had with Churchill and the fact that I could get the free assessment made it an awful lot easier – I knew I could get the qualification before I went ahead. John was fantastic. He was organised and helpful. The graduation ceremony at the end was good, too – I wasn’t expecting that. It was really nice having my family there. The kids get school awards and we try and go to as many of them as we can, so it was good for them to see that adults do that sort of thing, too! When I did my degrees previously, you’re in a hall with hundreds of other people. You go up on stage, shake a stranger’s hand, get your certificate and that’s it. It was just a bit more special with Churchill.’

Congratulations on your qualification, Simon!

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  1. Very well done. Very great and inspiring story.

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