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Top 3 Qualifications for Mining

With the Australian mining sector on the move, now is a great time to get into the industry, or move up if you are already working in mining. iMinco reports the current average mining salary as $123,844 and predicts a ‘huge year for mining’.

Many people have been asking us for our recommendation on the best qualifications for a career in mining. Our recommendations are based on mining requirements and remuneration, but also on work/life balance and career flexibility. Because in our experience the most useful qualification is one that demonstrates your versatility and adaptability so that you are always equipped to respond proactively to change – whether that be in your current role or industry, or the ability to change industries as opportunities present.

1. BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety (WHS/OHS) roles are of primary importance in the mining and resources sector. Since work health and safety impacts the productivity and welfare of every individual, professionals in this field are required in most other industries too.

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of their legislative obligations surrounding duty of care and due diligence. This awareness has resulted in many new and exciting (and lucrative) career opportunities within the WHS sector.

> Also look at BSB60615 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

Possible career outcomes:

  • Work Health and Safety Manager
  • Maintenance Coordinator
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Health & Safety Training Officer
  • Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Manager
  • Workplace Rehabilitation Officer
  • Injury Response Advisor
  • HSE Manager
  • OH&S Manager
2. BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Our second top qualification recommendation for the mining sector is the Diploma of Leadership and Management. It demonstrates that you can combine the two vital aspects of management: effective team leadership and organisational planning for success.

It is a qualification that will give you access to exciting and lucrative roles within mining, or move up in your current mining career. Once again it makes our top three because it is a qualification with universal industry relevance – giving your skills transportability.

> Also look at: BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Possible career outcomes:

  • Risk Manager – Mining
  • Project Manager / Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Site Supervisor
3. CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management is another area of central importance to the mining industry. iMINCO states: Safety and security of plant, equipment and personnel are top priorities for Australian mining companies, given the high-risk nature of the industry and the public interest mining activities attract.

The CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management is the highest qualification in this sector and gives employers evidence of specialist skills.

With this one under your belt, you can demonstrate to mining employers that you have substantial experience acting at a leadership level in higher risk security environments, conducting comprehensive security assessments and developing high level emergency management response planning.

At the Diploma level, you have experience in leading a team in this environment and you’ll be looking at jobs that have leadership responsibilities.

Possible career outcomes:

  • International High-Risk Security Consultant
  • Offshore and Domestic Security and Risk Advisor
  • Personal Security Detail (PSD) Team Leader
  • Protective Services Officer
Recognition of Prior Learning

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