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About Queensland Government subsidies programs

Only some registered training organisations (such as Churchill Education) are approved to deliver qualifications under certain Queensland Government subsidies programs. This means they are a pre-qualified supplier (or PQS).

Students pay a co-contribution fee as specified by the training organisation, and the rest of the tuition fee is covered by the subsidy program. The fee may be paid on behalf of the student by their employer or another third party, such as parents, but cannot be paid by the training provider. There are no fees at all for students in the Year 12 fee-free training subsidy program.

Students can only access a subsidy once so they should be aware that they will no longer be eligible for a government-subsidised training place under a program once they complete the qualification level targeted through a program.

Churchill Education is a pre-qualified supplier (PQS) for the delivery of courses under the following Queensland Government subsidies programs: