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Training FAQs

What is Queensland Government funding?

Only some registered training organisations (such as Churchill Education) are approved to deliver qualifications under certain Queensland Government funding programs. This means they are a pre-qualified supplier (or PQS).

Students pay a co-contribution fee as specified by the training organisation, and the rest of the tuition fee is covered by the funding program. The fee may be paid on behalf of the student by their employer or another third party, such as parents, but cannot be paid by the training provider. There are no fees at all for students in the Year 12 fee-free training funding program.

See the full list of courses we offer under Queensland Government funding.

What are my payment options with Churchill Education?

Finance options are available to eligible students, providing the opportunity to pay for your qualifications on flexible fortnightly or monthly payment plans.

More details here.

Students may prefer to pay Churchill Education directly upfront. Ask us about paying per study term.

What does NRT mean?

NRT refers to nationally recognised training. Only an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) such as Churchill Education can deliver nationally recognised training. Registered Training Organisations are regulated by ASQA, the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Accordingly, the qualifications delivered by an RTO are quality-assured.

Will I need to do placement as part of my course?

Some courses do have vocational placement as part of their requirements.

To find out if the course you are interested in has a vocational placement element, you can check MySkills, or the course information on our website.

Can I withdraw from my course of study?

You can withdraw from your course if you choose to.

If you are a VET FEE-HELP student and you withdraw from your course of study after your census date, you will still incur a debt, even if you have not handed in any assessment. If you want to make sure that you don’t incur a debt, you must withdraw on or before the census date. For more information about withdrawing from your course, see Course Withdrawal and Application to re-credit a FEE-HELP Balance.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about Churchill Education, your first course of action should be to contact our office on 1300 793 002 . View our full complaints and appeals policy.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome after following Churchill Education’s Complaints procedure, you can submit a complaint to ASQA, the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

More information about submitting a complaint to ASQA can be found on their website.

Are there pre-requisites for any of the courses?

Some of the courses do have pre-requisites. Our course information on our website will provide guidance on this. Alternatively, you can view the requirements for various qualifications on MySkills.

Who can I talk to if I’m having difficulty fitting study into my life?

At Churchill Education, your experience as a student is important to us. We understand that when you enrol in a course with us, you are making an investment- in us, yourself and your future. We want you to feel like your choice was a good one.

That’s why we have team members dedicated to providing support for our students and making sure they are getting what they need from their course of study. If the difficulties you are experiencing are related to the content of your course, delivery or studying itself, your mentors are the best people to speak to.

For anything else, get in touch with Student Support Services. If you are having any problems at all, don’t be afraid to speak up- we know that you may have different requirements to other students when you are studying, and we will try to accommodate your needs as much as we can.

Student Support Services can also help with information regarding:

  • Enrolment, deferments and withdrawals
  • Study skills- motivation, organisation, and concentration
  • When life gets in the way!

Our Student Support Services team are available by phone or email from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Phone 1300 793 002 and ask to be transferred to Student Support, or email


On 1 January 2017, the current VET FEE-HELP program was replaced by a program called VET Student Loans. If you are still a VET FEE-HELP student with us, please see our VET FEE-HELP Information page.

What is a CAN?

A CAN is a Commonwealth Assistance Notice. If you are a VET FEE-HELP student, we will send you a CAN for every study period in which you are using Commonwealth assistance.

What is a census date?

If you are a VET FEE-HELP student census dates are important dates for you to know. Your census date is the last day you can submit your Request for Commonwealth assistance form for a Commonwealth supported place or a HELP loan, or withdraw from a unit of study without incurring a debt for it.

If you do not submit your form by the census date, you will not be eligible to access a HELP loan for that study period.

Churchill Education census dates occur 20% of the way through a unit of study.
So, if the unit of study is 17 weeks, the census date is day 24.
17weeks x 7days = 119days.20% of 119 = 23.8…so the census date is day 24.
You will receive an invoice before each census date, so that you know it is coming up.

Why did I receive a Student Handbook?

Our Student Handbook has been designed to provide you with information that will assist you in getting the most out of your training during your time with Churchill. A full copy of the Student Handbook can be found on our website.