About Us

Your problems have been our problems …

Specialising in recognition of prior learning (RPL) and developing a Simple Skills Recognition Solution has been a journey that came about because we like you know what it is to have a lifetime of experience but no qualifications.

It all started with the personal experience of our managing director, Randall Smith. After 16 years service in the police service, Randall found himself highly skilled but without a piece of paper to prove those skills. So, he set off to obtain business management qualifications through the RPL process. With a qualification in training and assessing, Randall was surprised to find how time consuming, complicating and frustrating the RPL application process could be. Randall subsequently established Churchill Education as a specialist RPL provider.

Talk to many of the team at Churchill Education and you will hear similar stories … ex-paramedic, ex-military, ex-finance, ex-hairdresser, ex-deputy principal, ex-teacher, ex-managers, ex-hospitality, ex-human resources … all that experience and each encountered the hurdle of experience not equalling qualifications.

So, your problems are ones we understand. And it is this personal experience that means we will go the extra mile to make sure you get the recognition your experience deserves.

We’ve helped clients from across Australia and overseas obtain nationally recognised qualifications that makes their experience count. Combining our own scope of registration with partnerships with other registered training organizations, we offer you a wide range of courses and qualifications.
If you are interested in understanding how you can go from experienced to qualified, book your time for a free consultation that can help you simply map your pathway to recognition.  Or just call 1300 793 002 and talk to a skills development advisor for no obligation professional advice.

Are we the right fit for you?

Only you will know the answer to this question but to help you, here’s a little information that might give you some insight into what you can expect from us …

You can expect …

Your experience will count.

Your depth of experience and the value of that experience will be recognised.

You will never just feel like a student number.

You will find the educational experience enjoyable, worthwhile and memorable.

You are worth believing in. It is our intention to inspire people to believe in themselves.

You will be treated in a way that reflects our values: respecting human dignity by treating others with honesty, integrity, generosity and good humour!

Beliefs …


In 2005, we had a dream of what we wanted to stand for. It is this dream which drives us every day.

We intend being a training organisation like no other. What  sets us apart is our willingness to look for solutions that truly appreciate and recognise experience, not rigid academic rules which ignore experience.What sets us apart is our belief that our role is to serve students.What sets us apart is our commitment not to telling our students, or explaining to our students, or demonstrating to our students but to inspiring our students.

Since 2005, we have made experience count for thousands of students. This has been our intention. This is what we have promised to our customers and this is what we have promised to our colleagues. This is what we have delivered to them and this is what we will deliver to you.

Community …


At Churchill Education, we believe that a strong commitment to our community is important. Churchill Education actively contributes to and participates in community organisations where we believe that we can make a difference, including The Smith Family, the Salvation Army and World Vision.

Registered Training Organisation

Churchill Education is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), but what does that mean? It means that as an RTO, Train to Succeed is a provider and assessor of nationally recognised training. Only RTOs can issue nationally recognised qualifications.

In order to maintain registration, Churchill Education has met the Australian Quality Training Framework 2007 standards which ensure the quality of Vocational Education and Training services throughout Australia.

Churchill Education has successfully partnered with other RTOs to bring our clients an extensive and diverse range ofqualifications.

Our Directors

Managing DirectorRandall’s past life as a police officer had many highlights – including when, in 2002,reflecting his commitment to excellence, Randall was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust that enabled him to travel throughout Canada and the USA studying police investigations of clandestine drug laboratories. But when in 2006, Randall established Churchill Education, he found that there was life after the job – a great life! Randall loves a challenge – always has – and taking something that the education industry said was complicated and turning it into something simple for our customers has been a whole lot of fun! Randall loves hearing back from customers who have gone on to achieve bigger and better things with the recognition their skills deserved. In the office, Randall is the chief practical joker and gadget addict … oh, and the managing director! He’s always up for a chat and he loves finding a solution when he’s told been told it can’t be done – no wonder his customers love him!Randall’s Professional Biography

Tricia VelthuizenTricia’s life was turned upside down in 2008, when on April Fool’s Day, she was told some unexpected news – she was expecting twins! Suddenly, she was to be a mum to 4 young children, and a business woman. Whilst life has been busy since then, Tricia has learnt that twins equals double the joy, and that grey hair can be cleverly disguised! Tricia’s former life as a practising barrister (Crown Prosecutor) means that she’s not that fussed on formal titles although she’s warming to the idea of being known as The Ultimate Decision Maker at Churchill Education. So far, Randall hasn’t come around to her way of thinking …. yet! Tricia’s business head is always racing, full of new ideas and she is the driving force behind Churchill’s commitment to our customers, our team, our values and our dreams of making experience count. None of us are really sure how she does it – but we love the ride!Tricia’s Professional Biography
Churchill Education has joined a number of professional associations and organisations as full members or affiliates which are aligned with our core training and skills recognition / RPL services.
Australian Association of Career CouncillingAustralian Association ofCareer Counsellors (AACC)www.aacc.org.au aipfAustralian Institute ofProfessional Facilitatorswww.aipf.com.au
Australian Instituteof Management(AIM)www.aim.com.au

Australian Institute of Office Professionals


Australian Institute ofPrivate Detectives(AIPD)www.aipd.com.au Australian SecurityIndustry AssociationLimited (ASIAL)www.asial.com.au

Australian Institute of Training

& Development (AITD)


Brisbane North Chamber

of Commerce (BNCC)


Institute of MercantileAgents (IMA)www.imal.com.au

Sunshine Coast Business

Women’s Network