Churchill Leadership Corporate Training

It’s Corporate Training That’s Anything But Corporate.

Churchill Leadership is an evolution of Churchill Education. We’re a corporate training company offering courses that sound a little different – because they are.

But, they’re not just different for the sake of it. We have style and substance, too: each of our courses is underpinned by research and science.

Our goal is to deliver courses that help participants learn by providing a complete sensory experience. The comprehensive nature of the experience cements learning and makes post-event recall easier, so that the learning can actually be applied once the course is complete. Remarkable!

Whether you’re a Human Resources professional, CEO, department head or at the helm of a promising team in any organisation, Churchill Leadership courses can help you and your contingent to hone your skills and refine your practices in the workplace.

We can help you and your organisation become extraordinary.

Here are some of our current programs:

Equine Leadership

By combining horsemanship skills with innovative leadership concepts and models, this program demonstrates the surprisingly distinct parallels between leading horses and leading teams. This program reveals the leadership strengths and self-awareness of participants, helping them to employ effective interpersonal communication skills as leaders within their organisation.

Fostering Inclusion

This is a course that ensures participants appreciate the difference between paying lip service to the notion of diversity and taking action to genuinely foster an environment that is inclusive of diversity amongst team members by embedding it into the culture, ethos and practices of a workplace. Held at an outdoors location with a short trek, the program outlines strategies that encourage and promote inclusion, and highlights the unspoken behaviours that can compromise inclusion in a workplace.

Innovation Exploration

For innovation to thrive, we need teams that bring their curiosity to the table, not their egos. In this program, we take participants out of their everyday professional world and on an excursion focused on igniting their curiosity and re-acquainting them with the joy of exploring. This creates space for conversations that challenge pre-conceived ideas of innovation and fears of failure.

Leading through Transitions

Transitions are a natural part of working life. Learning how to contend with promotions, redundancies, resignations, and other re-structures is essential for a high-functioning workplace. In this course, we help leaders understand how to navigate this territory with their team members, calling on the neuroscience and psychology of change, with personal, real-life stories of transition and adaptation.

Masterplan for a Mentally Healthy Workplace

In Australia, nearly 1 in 2 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime, with widespread repercussions. This program teaches leaders how to facilitate a culture in which mental illness carries no stigma, and team members understand what good mental health means and how it can be safeguarded.

Grand Designs: Creating the workplace culture you want

In many organisations, culture evolves organically. But that doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be changed for the better. There may be employee behaviours, ways of interacting and values which are no longer congruent with the identity of your organisation. This workshop uses the Design vs Default model to help leaders understand how they can actively design the culture they want for their workplace.

Teamwork: Stop, collaborate and listen

Effective teamwork is underpinned by trust, good working relationships and shared understanding. This two-day retreat gives participants the space and time to build relationships, explore behaviours and dynamics within a team, and see how their own way of operating impacts others. The workshop also challenges them to work together in pursuit of common goals in a fun and supportive environment.

Walking in two worlds

In this country, we are lucky to have a strong example of leadership through the oldest continuous culture in the world, that of Australia’s Indigenous people. This course takes us for a walk through the traditions of Indigenous culture and highlights leadership and cultural safety principles that can be applied in the workplace to strengthen modern teams and highlight the importance of respectful communication and connection.

With our team of experienced trainers and Human Resources professionals, we can easily create bespoke programs to address particular needs within your organisation or team. We also offer a variety of short courses in the fundamentals of effective working practices and operations.

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