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Are you interested in earning the BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? You may be eligible to receive this qualification based on the work you’ve already done. And, you could do it without having to complete any additional study.

Have you had experience in:

  • Leading innovative thinking and practice?
  • Initiating and leading applied research?

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About the Qualification

What is the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)?

BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) is a qualification that focuses on how knowledge is built, retained and shared within Australian organisations. This qualification is applicable across industries and sectors.

When it comes to obtaining Recognition of Prior Learning in BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning), you will have developed significant knowledge and skills within this highly specialised field of organisational learning and development.

Regardless of the size of the organisation, we will be looking for high levels of accountability for the work of others. Your responsibilities require processing complex information, as you solve complex problems and ensure the ongoing development and sharing of knowledge across the organisation.

Increasingly, organisations are looking for talented people who know how to develop a culture and embedded approach to organisation wide learning and knowledge development.

You can be responsible for ensuring that staff development needs, assessments and capability gaps have been met with an overarching response to training and coaching of managers, team leaders and employees in a consistent development effort.

To be eligible for the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) you must be able to demonstrate specialist skills and knowledge in capability development and organisational learning.

You are able to evaluate and create complex ideas. You design, initiate and execute learning and development in an organisation. You have full accountability for the work of others.


Qualification Information

As learning management responsibilities exist across industries, the position titles that accompany someone successfully completing Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) vary.

Churchill Education’s Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) graduates have included people with job titles such as:

  • Learning and Development Manager
  • RTO Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Talent Development Manager
  • Group Manager Organisational Development
  • Organisational Development Specialist
  • Culture Manager
  • Organisational Capability Leader

Additionally, we see higher ranks from military service and emergency services personnel achieving this qualification too.

A total of 8 units of competency must be completed in Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning). The units of competency required are:

  • 3 core units
  • 5 elective units

The starting point for this qualification is addressing the 3 core units. Core units are mandatory for every student completing Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning). When you look at the core units you can see that these key competencies sit comfortably strategically developing the capacity of an organisation.

The core units highlight the importance of learning and development strategies, leading a strategic transformation and implementing improved learning practices.

Once the core units have been addressed, you complete your Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) with a balance of elective units that complement these core units, such as:

  • Using research to inform practices
  • Collaboration in partnerships and relationships
  • Navigating organisational change
  • Retention of organisational knowledge through sound knowledge management
  • Innovative thinking

Find out if you are eligible for this qualification

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About the Qualification

What is the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)?

Leadership and Management opportunities are in high demand in every sector of the workforce from government and corporate, to mining, retail, construction and everything in between.

There are 1,581,600 Managers currently employed in Australia. One in four are aged 55 years or older, that’s roughly 395,400 managers who are 55+.

This means that in the next decade, we will have hundreds of thousands of managers reaching retirement age and creating an opportunity for promotions, as younger supervisors are coming through the ranks.

In addition, the Future of Work Report forecasts 109,900 more managerial positions by 2023. You will find a lot more information in our Leadership and Management Industry Report.

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