Career Guidance – How to get promoted

Are you fed up of being a spectator to people overtaking you at work?

You may not realise, but promotion is rarely based just on your ability to just do your job.

As Paul Sloane explains in his Lifehacker article, if you really want to get to that next level, there are some additional things you can work on to help get you there.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I doing my job well?

It can be hard to face this honesty but deep down, you know if you are doing your job well. A great starting point to improve your performance is to ask for additional training or to take the initiative and choose to enrol in a Diploma yourself.

2. Is my job performance worthy of being noticed?

Being memorable comes down to initiative, skills, great attitude, and your commitment to learning and growing in the role.

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3. Am I taking the opportunity to volunteer for more?

Taking on additional responsibilities and putting yourself outside your comfort zone is a fast track on the knowledge path. Don’t forget that you’re on the job experience can be credit towards qualifications using recognition of prior learning. Staying in the safe zone at work will never help you get ahead in your career.

4. Have I turned my manager into my mentor?

It is amazing what your manager will do to invest in you if you simply flag your interest in growing in your career. People ahead of you on the career ladder have a great deal to teach you so put in some serious energy to find the right career mentor and share his/her career guidance tips with you along the way.

5. Do I work well with people?

Would you want to work with yourself? Make an honest assessment of your attitude in the workplace. For the brave, take it another step and proactively ask for workplace feedback. If you can find ways to work well with other people you are laying a firm foundation for better career prospects.

6. Do I contribute ideas?

Being a team member who makes positive and constructive suggestions for how things could be done better will make you a good team member. This flags that you are committed to continuous improvement, not just in your own performance but in improving performance for the company.

7. If you cannot move up, can you move across?

When I was a young lawyer, I tried a number of roles within the organisation to get greater breadth in my skills and knowledge. When the time came to move up, I was a strong contender because my experience base was broader than my competition.

8. Do I have a plan?

Waiting for the perfect career is never going to come to you so it is time to write yourself a plan. Of course, it can be difficult to be objective about your own prospects and situation. This is where it can be useful to get career guidance from the experts. The team at Churchill Education starts with a very important question with every student: where do you see yourself going? This helps the student get clear on what they want in their careers and from here, we can start to give you the career guidance you are looking for and document a plan.

If you could use some career guidance, reach out to us on 1300 793 002 for a chat and get started on that career ladder today.

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