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Finally, I could get the new start I was looking for.

When Churchill Education co-founder, Randall Smith, left the Queensland Police Service after sixteen years, he felt like all his experience counted for nothing.

As a celebrated Senior Detective, a diagnosis of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) left Randall reeling. He lost everything – his identity, career progress, and sense
of self-worth.

‘My skills, knowledge and training meant something to people in the police, but not on the outside,’ Randall explains. ‘I felt pretty hopeless. I looked at job ads and knew I could do what they were asking for, but I had no way of proving it.’

Someone told Randall about RPL and he thought he’d give it a go.

It’s indescribable, Randall says, how rewarding it was to see his experience translated to civilian qualifications. ‘The quals validated my transferrable skills and abilities. Finally, I could get the new start I was looking for.’

That new start was Churchill Education.

Your experience does count – give us a call to find out just how rewarding RPL can be – 1300 793 002.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is a process through which the experience, skills and knowledge that you already have can be converted to nationally recognised qualifications.

Video: Learn more about the process

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of gaining qualifications through RPL can seem complex. That’s why we created this collection of answers to our most commonly asked questions!

RPL FAQs – Your questions answered!


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RPL for Defence

We’ve been helping ADF personnel get the recognition they deserve through RPL for the last 12 years.
Head to our dedicated Defence RPL page for more information.

Defence RPL

RPL for Police

Co-founder Randall Smith left a 16 year police career due to PTSD. Which means we understand the value of your police service.
Visit our dedicated Police RPL page for more information.

Police RPL Churchill Education

Churchill Education were super professional, and great to deal with. I was awarded an advanced diploma through RPL, they stepped me through the process, worked with me, we’re there to answer or clarify any questions! They were great! And the fee for the qualification was between 1/2 price and 1/8th of price of some purge RTO’s. Thoroughly recommend them. AND THE RPL ASSESSMENT IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!

– Glenn Hargrave, RPL Customer

‘Great people, they helped me. I would recommend them.’

-Bob Keane, RPL Customer

ADF leavers may want to consider organisations such as Churchill Education to get their skills aligned to real qualifications so they have the tools compliment their experience in discipline, training and mentoring, etc. I used them in 2011 and came away with quals that complimented my military time (NZ) and have been very valuable in my employment opportunities. Military experience and skills unfortunately won’t cut the mustard by themselves in today’s employment arena. You need quals to compliment them.

-Ed Te Tau, Defence RPL Customer

Churchill Education helped me out.
I was able to get a job after being a grunt.

-Daniel,  Defence RPL Customer

Can personally vouch for Churchill Education!! Easy, affordable and they did everything for me.

-Ana,  Defence RPL Customer

Recently used CE for a few qualifications. Couldn’t have asked for a better company to deal with for RPL. Every bit of correspondence by phone or email was great. The most polite customer service team I have experienced in a long time.

Well done CE. Thanks for the quals.

-Luke, RPL Customer

A lot of my mates still in the forces are very interested about this service and I will be highly recommending you guys to all of them for the professionalism, the knowledge and the ease of the process for someone who is absolutely inept at paperwork (like myself).

 Josh, Defence RPL Customer

My husband and I have both used Churchill Education to get RPLs. I can highly recommend them. They confirmed that I certainly did have enough experience for several RPLs and it has opened up different pathways for me. I know of Defence and ex-Defence people who have used Churchill and they have also had really good experiences dealing with Churchill Education. Don’t waste your time with any other RTO!!

-Melissa, Defence RPL Customer

I returned to work today to find your package with my Certificate and Diploma and wanted to write and say thanks to you and your team for making the RPL so hassle free. I have recommended Churchill Education to several colleagues who are looking to further their study, so don’t be surprised if you get a few more enquiries from the organisation.

-Evan, RPL Customer

I RPL’d my diploma with Churchill and it was super easy. Definitely recommend going through them if you’re keen in getting some quals.

-Mel-Ann, RPL Customer

I couldn’t believe how simple getting my qualifications recognised was. I will certainly recommend Churchill to anyone contemplating getting their own experience recognised. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.

-Mark Dixon, RPL Customer

I have picked up a more challenging role within my organisation.This was made possible through the RPL I received from you. I am really impressed with your work ethic and your excellent customer service.

-Kidron Koroma , RPL Customer

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About Churchill

Churchill Education is a family-owned registered training organisation based in Samford, just outside Brisbane. Whatever qualifications you are seeking, whatever industry background, professional skills or life journey you bring with you, we welcome, respect and acknowledge your stories and experiences.

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