We’ve got a $100 question to ask…

Churchill Referral Rewards Program

Do you know anybody who might benefit from earning an accredited qualification through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) service – just like you did?

As a member of the Churchill Education community, you are now eligible to take part in our Referral Rewards Program.

This entitles you to a $100 thank you when someone you refer enrols in their first qualification with us!

Word of mouth means a lot to us – it’s how we know we’re doing things right. So, if you’ve been satisfied with the service you received from Churchill Education and are happy to recommend us to friends, colleagues and family members, we’d like to offer you a small token of our appreciation.

You can elect to receive your referral reward in one of three ways:

How does it work?

  1. Refer us to a friend / colleague / family member
  2. When this person makes contact with Churchill, we ask them if they were referred
  3. They tell us your name, we enter it in our database
  4. Rewards come your way once they enrol and obtain a qualification

It’s as easy as that!

What’s next?

You can recommend us to your friends/family/colleagues in a number of ways:

Thank you!

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