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Are you interested in earning the BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? You may be eligible to receive this qualification based on the work you’ve already done. And, you could do it without having to complete any additional study.

Our Skills Recognition Advisors can conduct a free preliminary assessment to confirm your eligibility.

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About the Qualification

What is the Advanced Diploma of Business?

BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business is a qualification that focuses on general management responsibilities often at a more strategic level in an organisation. This qualification is applicable across industries and sectors.

When it comes to obtaining Recognition of Prior Learning in BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business, the starting point is that you have responsibility for supervising and leading a team or a service area in an organisation. Your position requires that you assume general management accountabilities in the organisation and because of your depth of responsibility, you can contribute to the strategic direction for the team or the organisation.


Qualification Information

As general management responsibilities exist across every industry, the position titles that accompany someone successfully completing Advanced Diploma of Business are equally vast.

Churchill Education’s Advanced Diploma of Business graduates have included people with job titles such as:

  • General Manager
  • State Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Senior Officer
  • Executive General Manager
  • General Manager Operations
  • Chief Operating Officer

Additionally, we see higher ranks from military service and emergency services personnel achieving this qualification too.

A total of 10 units of competency must be completed in Advanced Diploma of Business. The units of competency required are:

  • 5 core units
  • 5 elective units

The starting point for this qualification is addressing the 5 core units.

Core units are mandatory for every student completing Advanced Diploma of Business. When you look at the core units you can see that these key competencies sit comfortably with having oversight of an organisation. The core units highlight the application of critical thinking in solving the complex problems in an organisation.

There is management of finances and the development and implementation of business plans. In a reflection of modern business values, the core units also look at the leadership in corporate social responsibility and the importance of overseeing the digital strategy an organisation adopts.

Once the core units have been addressed, you complete your Advanced Diploma of Business with a balance of elective units that focus on issues senior managers are responsible for:

  • Managing the organisation’s knowledge and information
  • Navigating organisational change
  • Workplace safety
  • Communication

To enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Business, there are criteria (known as pre-requisites) you need to meet.

There are 2 pathways to meet these mandatory pre-requisites to the Advanced Diploma of Business.

  • You can have two years equivalent and relevant full-time experience in a workplace with an operational or leadership role OR,
  • You can have previously completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from the BSB Training Package (current or superseded equivalent versions).

For example, you might hold a Diploma of Leadership and Management or a Diploma of Business.

The list of suitable qualifications is wider than these two qualifications but they give you an idea. If you have a qualification that has the code BSB then is followed by the number 5 (so it looks like this BSB5xxxx) then you are going to meet the requirements.

The team at Churchill Education is happy to talk with you about your eligibility to enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Business.

Find out if you are eligible for this qualification

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