Advanced Diploma of Program Management

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Are you interested in earning the BSB60720 Advanced Diploma of Program Management through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? You may be eligible to receive this qualification based on the work you’ve already done. And, you could do it without having to complete any additional study.

(This supersedes and is equivalent to: BSB61218.)

Have you had experience in:

  • Leading personal and strategic transformation?
  • Leading the strategic planning process for an enterprise?

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About the Qualification

What is the Advanced Diploma of Program Management?

At the Advanced Diploma level of your career, you are someone who applies specialist skills and knowledge, combined with program management experience across a range of sectors.

A program is a set of connected projects. A program manager is responsible for the outcomes of multiple interrelated projects and the teams that undertake these projects. At this level, you are an individual who uses initiative and skill to design, plan, direct and lead a range of functions, with responsibility for individual and team performance.

You use well developed communication and reasoning skills to analyse a variety of information, and share your knowledge with team members. You use conceptual and creative skills to solve complex problems.


Qualification Information

There are no pre-requisites to enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Program Management. It is comprised of 12 units of competency – four of which are core units (compulsory) and eight elective units (which allows some range to match your experience or interests to particular units).

The core units focus on the ability to execute a program, engage stakeholders, implement governance and manage benefits. Elective units include a wide range of topics including monitoring, evaluation and reporting, finance management, organisational change, developing emotional intelligence in teams, managing a flexible workforce, program delivery, risk analysis, collaborative alliances, developing contracts and community practices.

Examples of Position Titles relevant to Advanced Diploma level work:

  • Program manager
  • Senior delivery manager
  • Program manager health
  • Program delivery manager
  • Program director
  • Strategic project manager

Find out if you are eligible for this qualification

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About the Industry

Project Management Industry Report

Project management is a fast-growing industry in Australia. Not only is it growing as a specific discipline, it is also an essential skill in a large range of jobs and industries.

Project management roles are available in an increasing range of sectors, from mining, construction and engineering, to business, IT and finance. Project management roles are also growing in our government sectors, from defence and law enforcement to emergency services.

You will find a lot more information in our Project Management Industry Report.

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