What Graduates are Saying About Churchill Education

When choosing a service provider for anything in life, it’s really helpful to hear what others are saying… Whether that be for your tax or your kidney transplant. (Let’s hope none of us ever need one of those!!) 

Choosing an organisation to entrust your recognition of prior learning (RPL) to is an important one.

You want a business who knows what it’s doing, has a consistent track record, a solid number of years in the industry, and most important – a good reputation, so that piece of paper you get at the end of the RPL process is respected and valued.

We figured rather than bang on about why we are your best choice when it comes to recognition of prior learning, we’d keep quiet and let our graduates do the talking…

Here’s what people are saying about Churchill Education…

Ken, Churchill RPL Graduate

“Through the whole process – the good liaison, the good communication, correspondence; it was most helpful. No question was ever too difficult. Not only did I feel valued, the whole process really increased my self-efficacy, my confidence that actually, ‘Hey, I’ve got something here that companies will be interested in. My heartfelt thanks to you ’cause obviously it goes beyond me to my family – we’ve all benefitted from your services.”

Neil, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I reviewed a number of RPL providers. Churchill was the only institute that advised me of the additional accreditation that was available to me based on my experience. The RPL qualifications I was awarded through Churchill Education have bolstered my experience with formal qualifications. I believe this provided the strength my resume required in order to approach the market at the level I operate within. My focus now is to move towards an MBA next year using my three diplomas as pillars, which demonstrate my skills and experience. I am constantly recommending Churchill based on my experiences.”

Michael, Churchill RPL Graduate

“After moving to Australia I found that experience and qualifications from overseas counted for very little in the job market here. I had to convert my past education and experience into qualifications that were respected, valued and understood in Australia. A contact in my HR department recommended I contact you guys. The rest is history!”

Allison, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I was really impressed with how quick and professional Churchill was. They are there to help, they don’t beat around the bush, and they don’t leave you hanging. You provide them the basic information that they require and they’ll respond to you immediately.”

Maurice, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I was recommended to you by one of my work colleagues. Prior to this I had no knowledge of how I could get RPL. Your team helped me immensely and made the RPL process much easier. The feedback and documents that were provided to me at the time were easy to understand.”

David, Churchill RPL Graduate

“The reason I was drawn to your services was the fact that my colleagues had used your service, and you came highly recommended, so I went ahead with the process, which was straight forward and easy to follow. I was able to update my qualifications, which in turn assisted me with my future career movements, and advancement.”

Teresa, Churchill RPL Graduate

“When I ceased work with the State Government after 28 years and wanted to start my own business, people I knew kept telling me I needed qualifications (I already had my HR Diploma, via RPL years before). Due to my many years in HR/IR I knew a lot about the RPL process.

So I started looking around for an RTO that could offer what I needed. I saw an article about Churchill Education and thought I’d keep it local, as I do with most things. So I contacted Churchill and John was friendly and very knowledgeable about the process.

Once I gathered all my evidence, John ran everything from there. I now have my additional qualifications (Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Business and Diploma of Leadership & Management), all of which help people understand my knowledge and experience in relation to the work I do through my business and my volunteer work.

I am very happy with the way your staff kept me informed about the process, available payment options and when to collect my documents. I have recommended your business to some of my friends, particularly those in the military (I have strong connections with the Army & RAAF), and will continue to do so. Thanks for offering such an easy & friendly process for people to gain qualifications.”

Gareth, Churchill RPL Graduate

“The point of difference with Churchill Education was the customer service. John advised me on which were the most marketable qualifications. I didn’t feel pressured into going for bulk numbers [of qualifications], but for quality instead. I appreciated that and and people I’ve referred onto Churchill as well have been impressed by the advice given and the very professional manner in which they approach RPL.”

Andrew, Churchill RPL Graduate

“Thank you John for what your organisation does to support serving members; I often pass the good word on about Churchill. I find the biggest problem with most people I explain it too (with regards to explaining the value of qualifications), is they have never had to do study in their own time in Defence (I have completed many studies online the ‘hard way’), and they don’t understand the value of what they can get from experience, with an organisation such as Churchill.”

Glenn, Churchill RPL Graduate

“Churchill Education was super professional, and great to deal with. I was awarded an advanced diploma through RPL, they stepped me through the process, worked with me, we’re there to answer or clarify any questions! They were great! And the fee for the qualification was between 1/2 price and 1/8th of price of some purge RTO’s. Thoroughly recommend them. And the assessment is free!”

Ed, Churchill RPL Graduate

“ADF leavers may want to consider organisations such as Churchill Education to get their skills aligned to real qualifications so they have the tools compliment their experience in discipline, training and mentoring, etc. I used them in 2011 and came away with quals that complimented my military time (NZ) and have been very valuable in my employment opportunities. Military experience and skills unfortunately won’t cut the mustard by themselves in today’s employment arena. You need quals to compliment them.”

Ana, Churchill RPL Graduate

“Can personally vouch for Churchill Education!! Easy, affordable and they did everything for me.”

Luke, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I used Churchill Education for a few qualifications. Couldn’t have asked for a better company to deal with for RPL. Every bit of correspondence by phone or email was great. The most polite customer service team I have experienced in a long time. Well done CE. Thanks for the quals.”

Josh, Churchill RPL Graduate

“A lot of my mates still in the forces are very interested in this service and I will be highly recommending you guys to all of them for the professionalism, the knowledge and the ease of the process for someone who is absolutely inept at paperwork (like myself).”

Melissa, Churchill RPL Graduate

“My husband and I have both used Churchill Education to get RPLs. I can highly recommend them. They confirmed that I certainly did have enough experience for several RPLs and it has opened up different pathways for me. I know of Defence and ex-Defence people who have used Churchill and they have also had really good experiences dealing with Churchill Education. Don’t waste your time with any other RTO!!”

Evan, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I returned to work today to find your package with my Certificate and Diploma and wanted to write and say thanks to you and your team for making the RPL so hassle free. I have recommended Churchill Education to several colleagues who are looking to further their study, so don’t be surprised if you get a few more enquiries from the organisation.”

Mel-Ann, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I RPL’d my diploma with Churchill and it was super easy. Definitely recommend going through them if you’re keen in getting some quals.”

Mark, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I couldn’t believe how simple getting my qualifications recognised was. I will certainly recommend Churchill to anyone contemplating getting their own experience recognised. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.”

Kidron, Churchill RPL Graduate

“I have picked up a more challenging role within my organisation.This was made possible through the RPL I received from you. I am really impressed with your work ethic and your excellent customer service.”

Loraine, Churchill RPL Graduate

“Kelly was fantastic. I just sent everything through to her. I bombarded her with emails throughout one afternoon. By five o’clock, she’d called me and said, You’re going to get your qualification, we’re going to give you a Certificate IV in Work, Health & Safety!”


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