2024 Job Trends & Tips

Welcome to a brand new year! If you are considering a job or career change this year, here are some 2024 job trends and tips to help you on your way.

You’ll discover 4 in demand careers and the qualifications available through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) that can help you get there. 

2024 Job Trends & Tips 
Over the last few years, during and post the pandemic, we’ve had the word ‘pivot’ burned into our brains. Which lead to
2023 becoming the year of burnout in Australia, as we felt the long-term effects of ‘pivoting’, expecting the unexpected, and a very, very different business landscape. The worldwide burnout rate was surveyed at 48%, while Australia came in at a staggering 62%. 

Essentially our threat response system kept us going through the pandemic but has never really had time to rest and recover as the speed of life and change almost feels like it has accelerated. 

This ‘new-normal’ led to some massive changes in how and where we work, along with creating a period of upheaval as we have re-evaluated our lives and careers.

Sometimes it has been a slow process, other times it’s been rapid, and often forced change that led to even more stress.  

This has taken its toll on workers, leaders, and business in general. Some businesses have thrived, while others have failed. 

There is now a massive demand across a full range of diverse industries with a need for more qualified workers to fill the gaps.

A report by Ranstaad showed that ‘47% of business leaders identified that the availability of the right talent with the right skills is a pressing issue keeping them awake at night’. 

According to research by employment specialist Hays, the skills market in 2023 remained incredibly tight, with 88% of employers experiencing a skills shortage, and 40% saying it had intensified.

The good news is that we are a growing country and so is our job market and those employed, as this graph from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows.

2024 Job Trends & Tips: ABS

The ABS report stated, “In 2023, an additional 405,500 Australians are expected to have gained employment, the unemployment rate still hovers near a 50-year low and labour force participation sits at an equal record high.” 

Even more promising was the expectation of robust growth across all states in 2024 predicted by hiring managers in a recent Manpower Group survey.  

2024 Job Trends & Tips

So what can we expect for 2024? Our research has identified 4 in demand employment industries for this year, and the very good news is that Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can help you with all of them. 

One of the great benefits of the RPL process is that you can turn your skills, knowledge and experience into qualifications, without having to study what you already know and can do.

This recognition allows you to build your career capital which translates across various roles and careers that may have originally been out of reach. 

Here are the 4 key areas of opportunity in 2024 Job Trends:


2024 Job Trends & Tips: HR

HR professionals, particularly those that specialise in industrial and employee relations are experiencing heightened demand in the market.  

The spike of activity in workplace relations is a direct reflection of the larger than normal volume of reforms in 2023 which included the introduction of ISO45003 which is the first global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health in the workplace 

It provides guidance on the management of psychosocial risk, as part of an occupational health and safety management system. 

HR Business Partners, Employee Relations Specialists, Workplace Relations Specialists and Managers are in demand as a result.  

BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management 

The latest qualification for Human Resource Management supervisors is BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management.

Your human resource management experience may make you eligible to receive the latest version of this qualification based on the work you’ve already done.

Find out what you are eligible for

And you could achieve this without having to complete any additional studies. 

BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management is a qualification that focuses on providing leadership and supporting strategic direction in the human resources functions of Australian organisations. This qualification is applicable across industries and sectors. 


2024 Job Trends: Project Management

Project Managers continue to see demand across industries, the shortage being a direct reflection of the volume and complexity of projects being undertaken by organisations.  

As businesses continue to roll out projects to capitalise on economic opportunities, adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and embed agility or new technology into their operations, Project Managers lead change and transformation programs and guide a project’s output.  

We are seeing specific demand for Project Managers in Facilities Management with a background in Architecture, and Fit out Project Managers in the Construction space.   

BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management 

At the Diploma level you are someone who is able to apply project management skills in a leadership capacity.

You may have managed projects in a number of contexts and industries. You have experience at the management and leadership level and are responsible for project objectives.

You have well established project management knowledge and a range of specialist, managerial and technical skills. You use your skills to plan, implement and review your own work and that of a team. 

Find out what you are eligible for


2024 Job Trends: Cyber Security

The cyber security industry in general continues to show robust growth and in particular the cyber insurance market is demonstrating a strong surge.  

More specialised underwriting agencies are focusing on this market, with workers who have direct experience in policy writing highly sought after. 

Claims and incident response workers are in demand as well –with the threat of cyber breaches becoming ubiquitous, expert claims teams need to be in place to respond to threats proactively.  

BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business (Cyber Security) 

The Certificate IV in Business (Cyber Security) is a specialty version of the Certificate IV in Business available to complete by Recognition of Prior Learning. 

Certificate IV in Business (Cyber Security) recognises that technology and data are integral in organisations across the globe. Cyber security in business relates to the ability to protect our data and safely manage our technology. 

You could be working across a wide range of industries and sectors as technology is now embedded in organisations small to large. So, your work responsibilities may be solely dedicated to cyber security or you may be working with other technical experts to contribute to the cyber security of your workplace. 

Find out what you are eligible for

CPP50619 Diploma of Security Risk Management 

The role of a Risk Manager sits at a Diploma level, as a general rule. Risk Managers are responsible for communicating risk policies and the overall policies and procedures for an organisation that minimise and manage risks. 

This includes development of risk models, monitoring and improving controls to ensure there is effective risk management at an operational and strategic level. To achieve these outcomes, a Risk Manager is going to need to ensure extensive and appropriate research and quantitative and qualitative analysis has occurred. 

Risk Managers must have the business skills to communicate effectively through a range of reports, negotiations and educational presentations, balanced with savvy business and operational knowledge. 

Find out what you are eligible for


2024 Job Trends: Contract Managers

Heightened focus on external suppliers in government has also fed demand for professionals experienced in handling more intricate contracts.

These individuals need to possess skills in assessing supplier performance, negotiation and managing established contracts, the latter which is an extremely rare skill in the current market.  

BSB50120 Diploma of Business (Operations) 

The Diploma of Business (Operations) is a specialty version of the Diploma of Business available to complete by Recognition of Prior Learning. 

This qualification is a widely transferable qualification across industries and occupations. As businesses have to fulfil their objectives, operations are the bread and butter of keeping a business or organisation in existence.

Diploma of Business (Operations) starts with the skills, knowledge and responsibilities that meet the everyday operational needs of a business or organisation. 

That’s a wrap on our 2024 Job Trends & Tips. If you are looking at a career change or promotion this year make sure you book a Free Qualification Appraisal to get you set for that change, step up or (dare we say it) pivot!

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