3 Surprising Interview Tips

There are many hurdles when it comes to getting the job. First you need to get your foot in the interview door. And in order to get noticed you need qualifications that demonstrate your ability, and a covering letter and resume that allow you to put your best foot forward. (That’s it for the foot metaphors now!) For many roles you will also benefit greatly from having a professional LinkedIn profile. Get all this right, and you’ll be one of the lucky ones that gets put in the ‘yes’ pile for an interview.

In this article we share three winning interview tips that might surprise you…

Surprising Interview Tip #1

Interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for the best of us. But the surprising truth is, the person/people interviewing you, really WANT you to get the job. Because it is their job to recruit someone great. If that’s you, their work is done.

So don’t be scared, most interviewers are not out to belittle or embarrass you. Instead they want you to prove to them that you are the person for the job. They’re hoping you will be.

Surprising Interview Tip #2

Bring notes. Think of it as an open book test, where everyone in the room wants you to ace it.

Prepare three great examples:

  1.  Something you did well
  2. Something that went wrong and you fixed
  3. Something that failed, and what you learned from it

You may not be asked these specific questions. But having these anecdotes ready will cover most of the curly questions you’ll be asked.

Surprising Interview Tip #3

When you are asked (and you will be) what your biggest weakness is – don’t say its being a perfectionist or working too hard. This will induce a mental roll of the eyes for sure.

Instead be insightful and honest, then talk about how you are working to improve in this area. (This can be something else that you’ve pre-prepared in your notes.)

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Acknowledgement for these three interview tips goes to blogger and HR professional Jo @ icurvy.

And as for those other hurdles, we’ve got you covered there too:

Covering Letter & Resume

Think of a covering letter and resume like a tree falling in a forest. That philosophical question asks, if no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound.

In the same way, you may have the most brilliant experience, skills, and qualifications, but if you don’t reflect this in your resume or communicate adeptly in your covering letter, it’s as though the tree never fell, if you take our meaning.

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8 Essential Tips for Writing Job Applications

LinkedIn Profile

Know that your online presence will be stalked by a potential employer/recruiter! One of the first places they will look is LinkedIn. Make sure you have a profile first of all, and second, make it great.

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How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile


Make sure your life experience is reflected in qualifications. It is one of the most powerful ways you can stand out from other applicants.

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