5 nationally recognised qualifications that could help increase your value as a job applicant on civvy street.

Are you looking to build a new career outside of Defence?

In our experience of talking with hundreds of people making the transition to Civvy Street, the options for how to go about it can seem overwhelming:

  • What can you study?
  • Which industry could you move into?
  • What are the best ways in which you can communicate your skills to potential employers?

So, we thought that we could share some of our experience to make yours a little easier.

Below are the top 5 qualifications that ex-service members have gained from us, through Recognition of Prior Learning, to help them on the way to their ideal civvy career.

You may think your skills are only relevant to Defence. Well, think again. You could already be eligible for nationally recognised qualifications that you never imagined you could get.

Check them out and tell us what you think:

BSB51107 Diploma of Management (now superseded by BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management)

This qualification is all about how you have the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively as a manager, team leader or supervisor managing a workplace.

The focus has shifted in modern business from old school autocratic management styles to the ability to lead and develop a team that can cooperate and strive for common goals within a strategic framework.

This qualification is all about developing and acknowledging your skill base and knowledge of management practice. But, it’s not just about you knowing the theory.
This is the qualification you need on your resume if you want to be recognised for your ability to operate in a management role at an advanced skill level, holding the responsibility for the supervision of other staff and possibly volunteers, within a small or large organisation.

BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Stepping into a core management role within any company will require the skills to confidently and accurately identify the hazards within the workplace and work practices, to assess risks and control risks.

This Diploma reflects your ability to assume the role of coordinating and maintaining the Work Health and Safety program within an organisation.

This qualification on your resume will indicate your ability to use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to design and develop safe systems, whilst carrying out and evaluating your own work and the work of others with safety responsibilities.

Find out what you are eligible for

In today’s climate of legal consequences for breaches of occupational health and safety obligations, adding this qualification to your resume will reflect your commitment to safeguarding your colleagues, your team and your employer from unacceptable workplace risks.

BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

Identifying a problem or a challenge is one thing, but what you really need is the ability to create and implement a solution to that problem.

This Diploma focuses on your working knowledge of project management methods, techniques and tools, and confirms your understanding of how to integrate these into the real world operations of your company.

If you can judge the scope, time, cost and quality management of a project; if you can manage risk, communications, resources and procurement; if you can see a project through to finalisation that achieves the benefits the business needs and desires; if you can get an unruly project back on track, these are the skills that are highlighted by obtaining the BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management.

CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management

Risk exists in every venture, but your ability to assess and manage that risk is reflected in this highly practical qualification.

The CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management integrates an extensive understanding of staff management and business skills, with the specialist skills and knowledge to evaluate, analyse and plan for risk.

Identifying assets and threats and developing cost-effective security measures is a skill set that will make you invaluable to employers and clients alike.

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (now superseded by TAE40116 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Don’t be fooled by the Certificate IV level of this qualification. Yes, it is technically lower than a Diploma-level qualification, but this is a highly sought-after qualification across a vast range of industries and sectors.

As a professional manager, you’ll understand the true value of training your team and the positive impact this has on the company’s bottom line. Whilst you might want to move on from delivering the training yourself, in sitting in that management chair, you’ll want to know that your training dollar is being spent to its best advantage.

Holders of the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will be able to demonstrate to employers that they have the skills required to:

So, if you’re thinking about getting yourself qualified for life on Civvy Street, these may be great qualifications to consider.

You can call us at any time on 1300 793 002 to discuss your options and how your experience can prepare you for your next great career move.

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