Anzac Day 2022 Reflections

To commemorate Anzac Day 2022 the members of Churchill Education share their reflections on this important day…

Anzac Day 2022
Source: Museums Victoria

Randall ~ Founder & Director

Anzac Day to me is an opportunity to pay thanks to those who have served and died in all wars. It is an opportunity to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and to thank those who step up and choose to protect us now.

Trent ~ Lead Recognition of Prior Learning Assessor (and Veteran)

To me the meaning of Anzac Day is with me all year round. For the nation however, the country stops and recognises the fallen and respects those who came home and are still suffering.
Anzac Day is a day in which I remember the mates I have lost due to service. Those I have served with from all over the globe.

I remember spending Anzac Day in Afghanistan with some of the greatest people I have ever met, as well as having a dawn service in a war zone side by side with soldiers from Turkey. The very nation we fought against on the shores of Gallipoli, the birthplace of the Anzac Spirit.

I think of those for whom the fight still goes on internally.

At dawn service during the silence, the sounds of the morning birds and the little children remind me why I joined, and I feel that is a shared emotion among all who have served. Not for medals or glory, not for heroic status that we give to movie stars and athletes, but for our country and its future, to know that we have done our part in continuing the Anzac Legacy.

I thank those who came before me. Who served to protect our nation, its interests and for the greater good of humanity.

Signing your name on the dotted line is something that is not done lightly and all those that have, are Anzacs.

Amanda ~ Skills Recognition Advisor

Anzac day for me is remembrance, gratefulness and thanks to those who have served and are serving in Defence… There is also a sense of belonging and respect when you meet for a Dawn Service with the Anzac Ode and the Last Post.
WWII Australian Nurses
Source: Museums Victoria

Leonie ~ Marketing & Communications Manager

There are few professions that demand losing one’s life as a potential ‘duty’. We remember not only those who went into battle, but also the families who will forever be impacted. I pray this day will come to signify remembrance for events in the long distant past, and that old men will stop declaring war for young men and women to fight and die in; to reference Winston Churchill.

John ~ Skills Recognition Advisor

It is about remembering, honouring and thanking those who have served, given their lives, and are still serving. Although ANZAC Day celebrates Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces in particular, the core sentiment is the same as the UK, my motherland’s Remembrance Day… Never forget those who have given so much so we can live our lives freely.

Lovely ~ Skills Recognition Support Officer

Anzac Day is a great reminder to live not just for myself, but with a purpose. We owe it to all the brave men and women who went to war and sacrificed their lives in order for us to have a better country.

Tehlia ~ Administration & Client Support Officer

When attending a Dawn Service, I always feel a sense of pride and togetherness alongside my fellow Australians. The goosebumps stay the entire service, as well as my everlasting respect, admiration and sincere appreciation to all past, present and future Anzacs. Australians always unite without any hesitation to come together for the good, to show people they back them and support them, and ANZAC Day is a true example of this.

Carina ~ Office Manager

ANZAC Day is a time to reflect and be grateful for all the men and women who served, are still serving and those who partook in other areas to look after our troops wellbeing and supplies, giving us the world we are lucky to continue to live in today.

Thank you for your service

To our serving defence personnel, veterans and families we say thank you for your service. Wherever you will be at dawn on 25 April, know that our gratitude and admiration is with you.

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