Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

Statistics show that only 8% of us stick to our New Year’s Resolutions. Is it because they are things we think we should want, instead of what really matters?

When it comes to talking about 2020, I need to start with a confession…

Firstly, it has been a long time since I stayed up to actually see a new year in … 9:30pm seems like a pretty good effort these days.

And when it came to 2020, I didn’t write a single resolution.

I didn’t resolve to weigh less or spend less.

For years, I wrote those same resolutions, year in and year out.

And year in and year out, I didn’t achieve my resolutions.

Turns out I am not alone.

By the end of January, only 25% of us have stuck with our New Year Resolutions.

That means as we are all waking up to find February on our doorstop, three-quarters of us have already dropped our new year resolutions.

In total, only 8 people in every 100 will achieve their resolutions.

Frankly, at that success rate, it’s surprising any of us bother with New Year resolutions at all!

It makes me wonder… are our resolutions things that we think we ‘should’ want, instead of what really matters to us?

That’s where my thinking was when I parted ways with New Year’s Resolutions some years ago and instead started planning for our life.

All of that meant that when 2020 rolled around, I had no need to resolve anything for the year.

Randall and I had already created our goals and planning back in September 2019 – and not just for the next year, but the next decade.

Find out what you are eligible for

When people find out that we do this sort of thing, they ask me how we do it.

So I got to thinking that it might help our Churchill community if I set aside some time to put it all into an easy to use guide… Something that can help you to make 2020 a year to be proud of.

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