Career Transition – Look for the Threads

Career transition is something that we all face in our working lives. It can be scary. It can be daunting. It can be an unknown limbo land where the next right step is difficult to find. If you are currently feeling like this, there’s something I think will help. Let me explain…

I’m on my way to strength training, and you know what I’m thinking about?

I’m thinking about career transition, because I’m going through something of that myself!

I’m starting a masters in a few weeks, which is frankly scaring me. It’s been a looong time since I was at uni.

Last week I spoke to a number of people who were facing career transition in their early to late 50s.

And despite having in some cases 40 years of career experience behind them, all wondered what could they possibly do next?

Look for the threads woven through your career…

One of the tips that I have is to look for the threads that have woven through your working life so far.

The things that you’ve focused on, enjoyed and loved.

For me, it is finding out people’s stories and sharing them in ways that can reach other people.

For example, when I was prosecuting, it was about sharing the story of the victim/complainant if it was a trial, and reaching a jury.

If it was a sentence, then it was about sharing this story of the accused and the victim/complianant in order to reach the judge for the outcome that I thought was the best for everyone.

How Churchill can help…

At Churchill, it’s about getting the story of people’s life experience.

Talented people, hard-working people, people like you, who have built career skills and knowledge, and then connecting that to the competencies in qualifications through the process of recognition of prior learning.

Find out what you are eligible for

There are always threads in what we’ve done and what we’ve loved, that can help us find our way to the next piece of the puzzle.

It can be completely different career jobs at face value, but in fact there are always common threads that can carry us on to the next chapter.

If you’re wondering what your next career transition is going to be, start looking for the threads.

Turning those threads into national qualifications is a great way to start building a bridge from where you are now to where you’re going.

We’re here at Churchill to help you whenever you’re ready.


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