Churchill Audit: Green Light & Smiles All Round

About a month back, we sent our graduates an email letting them know our national regulator – Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) would be sending our students from the last 12 months a survey. It was a part of our scheduled Churchill audit that happens occasionally. The Australian Government is really focused on ensuring that you receive quality vocational education options and we must meet their high standards in order to keep operating.

Last Wednesday, two ASQA auditors came to our office for the audit and we thought that it was important to share the results with you.

Survey Results….

Firstly, ASQA shared the results of that survey. And the two auditors were happy to tell us that our response rate was a standout – and that meant that not only were our auditors smiling, we were all grinning as we eagerly read the results.

It was a sea of green graphs – green meant ‘strongly agree.’

A very big thank you from Team Churchill to every single person who took the time to reply AND for the outstanding feedback. ASQA’s auditors were clear that they took this feedback seriously. When 99% of respondents said they were really happy with our services, the support they were given and that they would recommend our services to family and friends, well that means a lot to ASQA and to us.

That, our friends, is the trifecta!

Churchill Audit Results….

As the audit unfolded, ASQA selected six qualifications to focus on from across our scope of registration – including BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementBSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

And from there, the news just got brighter – when it comes to how we conduct the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments, looking at the files of our students selected for review, we hit another series of green lights – compliant, compliant, compliant!

That meant that ASQA were happy to declare that Churchill had ensured that our assessment judgements are consistently made on a sound basis and that our RPL assessments were conducted with the right amount of rigour that the Australian Government requires.

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Now, we know that we work hard to make RPL easy for you whilst also ensuring that we are doing all the hard assessment and compliance work in the background to protect the value of your qualifications in the mind of the Australian Government and employers – but it is a great feeling to get that tick of compliance from our regulator.

The auditors shared with us that ASQA were particularly concerned about RPL services being offered in the marketplace by other providers. And so they should be.

Our Commitment to High Standards….

There are a number of providers and brokers in the market thinking that RPL is an easy opportunity to issue a piece of paper for quick cash. They don’t care about protecting the people parting with their hard-earned cash or meeting the high standards of the Australian Government.

So, we were pretty chuffed when the auditors told us that it was clear that the Churchill audit showed that we achieve both: caring deeply about our students and our quality of assessments.

That’s our promise to you – to keep caring about what you need. To keep looking for ways to get you the recognition you deserve. To keep doing RPL to the standard that ensures your Churchill Education qualifications mean something in the eyes of the Australian Government and employers.

Thanks for your support and your business – it means the world to our whole team.

Randall & Tricia, John, Amanda, Nick, Melody, Pam, Jo, Carina, Leonie, Paddy, Lovely, Sherry, Sunshine and Newnie.

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