Corporate Education Solutions

Whether you are a Human Resources professional or at the helm of a promising team in any organisation, Churchill Education can help you and your team get the corporate education solutions that give you the recognition you deserve.

Our corporate education solutions include:

  • Fast Team RPL Assessments to meet the requirements of tenders and corporate clients
  • Mobile/onsite RPL Assessments
  • Leadership & Management Courses

We are all about seeing our clients succeed through practical solutions.

Qualifications & Tenders

There has been a shift in what corporate clients are interested in as they work with their suppliers. It’s not just about the price and the project timeline anymore. More and more corporate clients want to know about your staff and most significantly, how are you developing them and where do education levels sit in your team?

Tenders are asking for staff qualifications to be listed and this is triggering some panic calls to the team here at Churchill: can we help? And can we help in a hurry?

As Australia’s educational landscape continues to evolve, there is an understanding that most tertiary qualifications focus on building knowledge, but not necessarily skills.

Vocational qualifications, on the other hand, combine both: knowledge and skills.

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Even better, vocational qualifications (for example, holding Work Health and Safety qualifications or Leadership and Management qualifications) all point to remaining current in best practices and minimises risk for your corporate clients. Tick, tick, tick!

If you have a team who are outstanding in their field but lack the current qualifications that satisfy your corporate clients or tender requirements, we can work with you to complete Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments in tight timelines.

Mobile Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments

Another question we have been asked by our corporate clients is “can you conduct RPL assessments for us onsite?”

If you have a team that needs several people assessed, then the answer is: for groups, yes, we can!

Leadership & Management Courses

Sometimes, our corporate clients are looking for up-skilling courses for their team. Through our corporate service: Churchill Leadership we custom design and run soft-skill courses for your team in aspects of leadership and management.

We have delivered one day events right up to full year programs.

Currently, we are working with four corporate clients, training their teams in leadership and management over the course of a year. Some of the groups are completing the Diploma of Leadership and Management, whilst others have custom designed leadership courses.

Our custom courses focus on improving communication skills, dealing with conflict, and team building for achieving common goals.

When courses are non-accredited, they do not come with formal assessments. Instead, we create practical implementation strategies so that what is learnt in theory is backed up with an immediate impact in the workplace.

Good news, our programs are all part of the ongoing professional development that our clients can put forward on tenders too.

We love designing one or two day team workshops for our corporate clients. These are some of our favourites:

Innovation Excursion – for innovation to thrive, we need teams that bring their curiosity to the table, not their egos. In this program, we take participants out of their every day professional world and on an excursion focused on igniting their curiosity and re-acquainting them with the joy of exploring. This creates space for conversations that challenge pre-conceived ideas of innovation and fears of failure.

Equine Leadership – To work effectively with horses, you must build a trusting relationship with them, and communicate clearly. To work effectively, with people you must …. build a trusting relationship with them and communicate clearly. By combining horsemanship skills with innovative leadership concepts and models, this program demonstrates the surprisingly distinct parallels between leading horses and leading teams.

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Masterplan for a Mentally Healthy Workplace – In Australia, nearly 1 in 2 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime, with widespread repercussions. This program teaches leaders how to facilitate a culture in which mental illness carries no stigma, and team members understand what good mental health means and how it can be safeguarded.

Grand Designs: Creating the workplace culture you want – In many organisations, culture evolves organically. But that doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be changed for the better. There may be outmoded behaviours, ways of interacting and values which are no longer congruent with the identity of an organisation. This workshop uses the Design vs Default model to help leaders understand how they can actively design the culture they want for their workplace.


If you would like further information on any of our corporate education options please get in touch: 1300 793 002  or

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EOFY Bonus!

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

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