Cost of Living – Survive or Thrive?

The Cost of Living is a hot topic right now. So what can you do about it? Churchill Education co-founder, Tricia Velthuizen, gives you two two options. One is for surviving, the other for thriving:

The Cost of Living

You don’t have to go very far at the moment to hear chatter about the cost of living.

When it comes to managing our money, there are two key options to get through this:

1. Survive: Cut spending

One is we go through and slash our spending. We cut back all the unnecessary expenses.

But that only goes so far.

There’s just bills that have to be paid.

2. Thrive: Earn more 

The second way is to look at how could we earn more money?

Sure, you can get a side hustle, but many of us don’t have lots of extra time to be dipping into, to earn more money.

So the best option is to get a job that pays you more.

Now, qualifications are linked really closely with increased pay levels as this chart from the Australian Bureau of Statistics clearly shows:

Qualifications and Income ABS

If you have loads of experience, a budget that needs topping up, then how about you get yourself set for promotion by getting your qualifications in order.

The team at Churchill Education is here to make the most of your experience and get you back on your economic feet through positioning you for your next career move.

Call 1300 793 002, or apply for a free Qualification Appraisal here

It’s about thriving, not just surviving.

Talk soon.

Tricia Velthuizen
Co-Founder & Director
Churchill Education

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