Experience Counts: John Costello’s Story


John Costello, an Operations Training Advisor for a major global mining company, has a story that proves experience counts…

He discovered Churchill Education through the recommendation of a work colleague and has recently completed an Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety, a Diploma of Management, a Diploma of Quality Auditing and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Churchill Education Alumni John Costello
The wonderful John Costello

Experience Counts:

“I really wanted to sharpen my ability to apply for jobs. I’m fifty seven now. And I understand I’m not getting any younger… of course I’m going to be looking at who’s in front of me for jobs. So, I needed to sharpen my edge”

Like many people we speak to, John was extremely pleasantly surprised to discover just how many highly regarded qualifications his skills afforded.“

“You realise your skills when you see that piece of paper at the end. That’s great. But you don’t really accept that in yourself until someone says ‘this is what we can do for you with your skills. Put your skills down and we can make it happen”

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Simple Solutions:

John found that, when you use Churchill Education’s Recognition of Prior Learning service, you speak with dedicated skills development advisors who are available full-time to talk to you. Best of all, John received a free, no obligation preliminary assessment to give him an understanding of which Nationally Recognised Qualifications his skills amounted to. This allowed him to make the decision about which qualifications would best suit his career before he decided to move forward.

“I think best aspect was the absolute ease of it all. The RPL team were great. Upfront, they told me what I needed. In plain English. I then simply put it together”

The process of John obtaining his qualifications was made so simple because the whole Recognition of Prior Learning process and application was completed by the team at Churchill Education – leaving John free to get on with his normal life, saving him both time and money whilst receiving amazing customer service.

Immediate Results:

Throughout the process, John could rest assured that he was gaining his qualifications from a Registered Training Organisation, not a brokerage. And that he would gain them within 28 days.

“I spoke to you all and said ‘this is what I’ve got, what can I do?’ And from that we went through the entire process. Now I’m quite capable of standing in front. As a direct result of the qualifications I obtained from Churchill Education, I believe I’ve come to the very sharp end of the wedge… I actually started a new job yesterday!”

If you are looking at the rest of 2021 before you and thinking you really should make a change, we are here to help you.

Just reach out: 1300 793 002 / hello@churchilleducation.edu.au

Randall, Tricia, Amanda, John & Andrea

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