Finding A Workplace You Enjoy

Finding a workplace you enjoy is so important for mental health and job satisfaction. And let’s face it, when we are happy, valued and work with great people, we do our best work. Here is Churchill co-founder Tricia Velthuizen, and our four legged doggy friend Jimmy talking all about it…

There’s a lot to be said for workplaces that make people feel good in themselves.

There are many ways a workplace can do this.

Maybe it’s the surroundings – the office layout, plants, quiet places to work and focus, and communal spaces to gather and connect with your colleagues.

Maybe it’s having yummy snacks and coffee on hand! 

It can also be felt from a corporate culture that celebrates individual and team achievements, supports professional development and has open and honest internal communication channels that allow team members to feel heard, seen, valued, considered and an important part of the overall vision.

And just maybe it’s about pets…

It’s fair to say that Team Churchill are largely dog people. Oh, we do have some guinea pigs and birds in the mix too!

When Mel’s dog Jimmy comes in to the office with her, it changes the dynamic of the day. He makes everyone smile with his doggy antics and wet nose that nudges hands for a pat. 

Working in a place and in a way that you enjoy is vital to being well in life.

If you are thinking that the place you work does not really meet your needs, doesn’t give you that space for feeling good and you want to talk about transitioning careers, give us a call…

We’ll chat with you about what we can see in you and what opportunities exist.  

And we will remind you, that life’s too short to stay in a job that you’re not enjoying, with people you might not enjoy working with, in a way that you might not be enjoying.

If you’d like to talk over your options and find out what qualifications you might be eligible for through the process of recognition of prior learning get in touch: 1300 793 002 |

Stay safe,


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