Honouring the Commitments We Make to Ourselves

I broke my heart twice this week.

My good friend, Michelle Gregory, and I have committed to double heartbreak: heading up a steep, shale covered, swearword inducing climb we have dubbed “Heartbreak Hill” twice every time we hit that trail.

It’s been working a treat. Improving my fitness, mentally and physically.

Until this week, Michelle had to cancel, last minute.

I was already in my trail gear. I had already told people I was heading to the trail.

I got in the car, and I headed there, and already, I was asking myself: did I really need to do Heartbreak at all today?

Quickly I found myself at the turn, and I took it. I could at least do one Heartbreak Hill climb. No more would really be expected and no-one else really cared if I delivered on my commitment or not.

Loop one done, and I found myself standing at the turn again.

Honouring the commitments we make to ourselves

I knew one direction would lead me to my “Get out of Double Heartbreak Hill Free” card. And the other honoured the commitment I had already made – not to Michelle, but to myself.

I took it.

I muttered to myself. I laughed at my own outloud chatter. And I broke my heart twice over.

Funny part is that come the top of that second Heartbreak Hill climb, I was puffed and chuffed.

My heart grew stronger.

It’s great to have company along for the ride, but ultimately, the commitments we make to ourselves are the ones most important to honour.

If you are at risk of dodging a commitment you made to yourself, push on and shoot me a selfie of smugness once you’ve ticked the completed box.

I’ll give you a knowing nod and we’ll both push on.

Triple Heartbreak awaits!

Tricia Velthuizen
Co-Founder & Director
Churchill Education

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