Laughter Therapy: Randall’s Top 6 Picks

All the data coming out around Australian mental health statistics since COVID entered our lives shows that support services have been flooded.

We checked in with the Churchill team for how they ease stress or lift their spirits.

They had lots of great responses: from time outside in the garden or hiking, to long drives, fish and chips with the family and Netflix… there were the usual types of activities that make us all feel better.

My answer: TikTok.

A little while back we shared some pearls of wisdom from our PTSD psych. There’s something else I use to keep my spirits high… Laughter therapy!

For the last year or so, when the day winds down, the dinner dishes are done and the whole family is ready for a little quiet time, I have been settling into a comfy chair for a little down time courtesy of TikTok.

Randall sitting on couch looking at something funny on his phone

Tricia thinks it is laughter therapy because all she hears is me chuckling away to myself, with my headphones in.

For those who don’t have teenagers in the house like I do, TikTok is a social media app that doesn’t require anything of me except a pretty fast scrolling finger and a willingness to be entertained by quick, mindless videos.

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You can put the App on your phone or just visit the website. Some people think the App is a security issue but I figure that whoever is tracking my viewing habits must be pretty confused by now.

The Churchill Team are used to me sharing my latest TikTok amusement so they figured it was time I shared with you … so, here’s some things that have entertained me along the way.

  • Distiller Chris – this is a bloody decent and funny bloke from down in Tasmania who makes whiskey and sells it in small batches through his Nonesuch Whiskey Distillery. Apart from being good (virtual) company, I have also learned a bit about whiskey …. something that my mate Douglas (a proud Scotsman and owner of Promotion Products) has also kindly helped me develop through regular tastings at his place.
  • Pokey’s Mechanical – this is as simple as it comes. A mechanic in a little corner of Tasmania having a chat while he works on his jobs. I have never minded following along about cars so this one got me interested.
  • Carl Barron – an Australian Comedian who says the obvious in a way that makes me laugh out loud. My favourite clip of Carl is actually on YouTube about how his father would talk to him; it sounded very much like my house growing up.
  • TikTok trends pop up all the time. This Wrap Hack made me look cool in front of the kids …. And tasted great (especially when we subbed out the tofu for bacon but you get the idea).
  • Tricia is insisting I tell you that there are also heaps of funny animal videos on TikTok. This is one that she made us all watch and I have to admit I do have a soft spot for a dog so this one did make me chuckle. Check out Happy Dog.
  • And then there are just some plain old feel-good stories. Like this guy who works in a factory and made this video drinking Ocean Spray (totally unsponsored because let’s face it, nobody even knew who this bloke really was) and riding a skateboard to get to work after his car broken down. He lip synced to an old Fleetwood Mac classic – and boom! It went off with 51 million views. Dogg Face ended up with a new truck courtesy of Ocean Spray and Fleetwood Mac shot up the charts again. As for me, I enjoyed singing an old favourite with my kids. Smiles all round.

Whatever makes you relax, do that. Whatever makes you grin and chuckle, do more of that.

Keep safe,


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