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NEW Instalment Payment Plans Available

The story of how our new instalment payment plan came to be….

Last weekend, one of Churchill’s Co-Founders, Tricia, was talking to a client, Tom, who was working on his exit from the Australian Defence Force.

With a lot of years under his belt, and a clear idea of where he wants to head next, he is a good candidate for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Then, they started to chat about how much he would need to invest in getting qualified.

Tom asked about payment options – and they talked through Churchill’s options including ZiP Money, direct deposit and credit cards.

And Tom said something that surprised my boss: he doesn’t have a credit card.

Nope, not a one.

Reckons that he found the world works better if he manages his money himself without tapping into the world of credit.

He goes old school – working out how much money he can spend each month.

To get his qualifications he will be putting aside some money each month for the next few months.

It got my boss thinking. Tom deserves to get qualified, and managing his money well is something that you have to respect.

At the same time, a couple of other Skills Recognition Specialists at Churchill, including me, were all being asked the same question – would we accept payment over a few months?

So, we put our heads together with the boss and the admin team and we have a solution for you.

We now have RPL Instalment Payment Plans available!


How does it work?

  • RPL Instalment Payment plans are available on any amounts $1695 and up
  • Payments will be made in three equal instalments over three months
  • You pay the first instalment when you enrol, and then two subsequent payments must be made at least monthly thereafter
  • You will receive your soft copy qualifications no later than 14 days after your final payment is received and a few days after that, the hardcopies of your qualifications will arrive via mail
  • You can pay any way you like as long as payments are made as agreed – direct deposit, credit card or call through and speak to our fabulous team on 1300 793 002

Things to remember…
  • Your initial payment of one-third is non-refundable
  • If any instalments are missed or late, your payment plan will be cancelled and any monies paid refunded back to you, excluding your initial payment
  • If you want to pay for your qualifications off quicker, fantastic! There are no early payout fees associated with this plan


Best regards
John Brayshaw
Skills Recognition Specialist
Churchill Education


Would you like to know what RPL qualifications you might be eligible for? 

You can either fill in the form below… Or call us direct on: 1300 793 002

Got questions, but not ready for a skills assessment?

You can send us a live chat message here on this page… Or you can email us.



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