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How can I use Recognition of Prior Learning to get Australian qualifications?

Answer: If you’re looking for an Australian qualification in the same or a similar discipline to work you’ve done in the past, the Recognition of Prior Learning could be an easy, cost effective and extremely fast way of gaining a nationally recognised qualification that can be of great use to you in Australia.

Read Gordon’s explanation of how he wished he heard of RPL before he was subjected to 2 years of restudy and unemployment on landing in Australia.

If you’re thinking of moving, or have recently moved to Australia and would like to learn more about Recognition of Prior Learning, then give us a call on 1300 793 002.


Hi, my name is Gordon Meikle. I would like to share with you today some of my experiences around studying and Recognition of Prior Learning around when I emigrated to Australia.

I thought I’d done all the right things way back in South Africa, studying Diploma of Management, Diploma of Personnel Management. I even signed up with an organisation that said they were accredited to an Australian University that would give me an Advanced Diploma of Management when we emigrated.

My wife came across with a degree in Maths and Science and because of the way the visa structures were done, we came across as permanent residence, but thinking that we’d walk straight into jobs, only to find that, that was not the case in our previous experience in qualifications didn’t count for very much here.

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So I spent 2 years redoing qualifications while I was cleaning up floors, packing shelves at Coles and doing telemarketing work as we rebuilt all the experience and the qualifications that we already had from overseas.

I guess if I had known about Recognition of Prior Learning at that time, it probably would have saved me 2 years of my life and a whole heap of money because for two years I was basically unemployed. Recognition of Prior Learning certainly would have helped us in those days.

So if you’ve been having some problems with things like that, or you’ve recently emigrated from anywhere else to Australia, and you’re battling with getting your qualifications recognised, maybe give us a ring and see if we can map your experience and your past qualifications to a Nationally Recognised qualification. One that will work for you in Australia. It might make a huge difference between you getting that next job or not.

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