Recognition of Prior Learning got me a new career

How I got a new career

Do you want a new career, but are unsure of exactly how to make the move? Are you having trouble getting your foot in the door? Read John’s story about how he used Recognition of Prior Learning to get the qualification he needed to get into the Australian training industry, and how he’s never looked back.

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My name is John Tutuvanu. I’m a business trainer with Churchill Education. This is my story about Recognition of Prior Learning taken from personal perspective.

My experience in training is vast and varied.

Going back to where I started from, I did a University degree and did a Diploma in Teaching. I taught and trained the manufacturing industry with a Japanese company and implemented new systems on the factory floor. I spent 6 years there.

For another 12 years, I worked in the Aviation industry designing training packages around the pacific. So I have very very vast training experience. I’m like a lot of other people who have experience difficulties with changing careers or changing jobs. I have fallen into that bracket of 45 year-old plus. Statistics show that 45-year-old plus people have no qualifications or whatsoever. I though, have a number of qualifications within the training field and I came across a huge stumbling block because I did not possess a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to work here in Australia.

So, I applied for many many jobs, but even though I had the experience, the skills and knowledge to implement training. Nobody was prepared to look at me without a Certificate IV. I think that is a story that can be related to by so many many people in my age group. I have encountered the same difficulties that many many other people who have a life story like myself, who had the skills, knowledge and the ability to undertake a job, but do not have certain qualification to prove themselves into the job market.

A well-known statistic is that for people 45 years and over, 50% of those people in that age bracket have no qualifications whatsoever. I do have the qualifications but I was missing one piece of paper, a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and I couldn’t get a job, I couldn’t get a job. That dumbfounded me because I knew that the job that I was looking at, that I was applying for, if somebody gave me a leg into the door, I could do the job. The people could get me that opportunity with Churchill Education, and it was because in the interview I asked the question, “Would you be willing to take me on and use your Recognition of Prior Learning procedures for me to upskill myself as far as getting the piece of paper is concerned?”

Not having the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment was a huge stumbling block in my changing careers but once I had achieved in gaining that TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment by being here at Churchill Education, I’ve gone ahead in leaps and bounds. It has given me the opportunity to help people whose stories are very very similar to mine. People who have this experience, skills, and knowledge and have not been able to convert it into a formal qualification. The irony of it is that once I got the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, I have gone on to actually implementing those courses and that was by using this wealth of skills and knowledge that I have in the training area. My story is no different from many many other people who have skills and knowledge and need to convert that to a formal qualification.

There are many of you out there whose story is very very similar to mine. My solution to my problem came from being at Churchill Education. Churchill Education is therefore you also. Using their Recognition of Prior Learning processes, they can convert all of those years of skills, experience and knowledge into a formal qualification that can change your career or promote you further up in the organisation so that you can do more for the people who are dear to you in your life. Contact us via this number 1300 793 002. Call us and we will help you.

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