Recognition of Prior Learning – pricing your time

Why are some Recognition of Prior Learning prices higher than the cost of studying the full course?

It’s a question we have heard many times: Surely, if a live course for a Certificate IV can be found for as low as $500, paying $1275 for the same course Recognition of Prior Learning is a rip-off?

Answer: The simple way to explain it is this: that the $500 figure is false.


Well, it doesn’t take account of the many hours you’re going to spend:

(a) reading through the learning materials on a computer screen

(b) muttering to yourself about how poor these learning materials are

(c) typing your answers to the assessment questions

(d) muttering about how you already knew this and you can’t believe you are being assessed on it without even being asked about your experience

(e) sending off a question to ask for clarification on an assessment piece

(f) waiting for your assessor to answer your question

(g) submitting your final assessment

(h) waiting for your assessor to get back to you with your results

(i) waiting for your qualification to arrive

(j) receiving your beat up qualification in the post that looks as if it has been printed on a bubble jet printer!

Even worse than that, a lot of those prices give you a very short time to complete your course. And if you want to speak to a trainer, there is a price tag to that too. We just saw a training organisation that bills you in 15 minute increments to talk to a trainer if you have questions. So, you either pay the extra bill or you spend even more of your time searching for an answer on the internet or pulling your hair out trying to get it clear. Frankly, it sucks.

Find out what you are eligible for

This approach to your education doesn’t put a price on your time, but we will. We think your time is worth at least $50 an hour. And you are going to rack up more than 16 hours in completing that course and with it, a whole lot of frustration. Chances are you will be doing that course in your free time. And your time comes at a price and you are spending time on something that isn’t nearly as important as time with family, friends or doing your real job. It’s a false economy to say otherwise.

When you complete a qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning with Churchill Education, you are going to receive the best customer experience of your training career. You are going to be given a dedicated staff member who will be there at the start of your enquiry, will take you through the whole Recognition of Prior Learning experience and will be there when you are being issued your qualification. We are going to do all of the mappings, all of the paperwork and you are going to be free to get on with your own life.

That’s what you’re paying for: the freedom to not jump through unnecessary hoops, to have well respected customer service- focused experts do it for you.

And that’s why it is true value. No hidden costs at all.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you gain a nationally recognised qualification, with us doing all of the hard yards for you, then give us a call today on 1300 793 002. Our Skills Development experts are looking forward to speaking with you!

You will be amazed at what your experience is worth!

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