Recognition of Prior Learning Examples: What Evidence Counts?

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Are you wondering about recognition of prior learning examples? Types of evidence that you can provide to achieve nationally recognised qualifications based on what you already know and can do? Without having to go back to the classroom?

Recognition of  Prior Learning Examples

The great news is, the list of RPL evidence that you can provide could be as long as your arm and beyond! Everyone’s roles and responsibilities are slightly different – and the work you do is the evidence you bring.

(If you are a current or veteran member of the ADF, we have put together a guide specific to you here.) 

There are core pieces of evidence that you can start with:

  • Position description
  • Statement of duties
  • Other qualifications
  • Work history (resume/CV)

Then there is specific evidence based on what you’ve been doing and the units (subjects) in the qualification you are applying for.

Essentially, you need to provide evidence that you already possess the skills and knowledge that you’d otherwise need to study.

We know that can be easier said than done. It’s likely if someone asked you to explain how you do what you do, you’d just shrug your shoulders and reply that you don’t know. You just do it.

So, this takes some ‘chunking it down’ thinking…

These questions are helpful in unpacking what you do and how you do it:

  • What crosses your desk every day?
  • What do you have to report on?
  • What emails are you sending?
  • What projects are you working on?
  • What people are you managing?
  • What do you do daily?
  • What do you do weekly?
  • What do you do monthly?
  • What do you do annually?
  • Why, when, how?

Find out what you are eligible for

Good news! It’s our job to let you know exactly what recognition of prior learning evidence we require.

When you contact Churchill Education, you will be connected with your very own Skills Recognition Advisor (SRA) from your first phone call or email, through to receiving your hard earned piece of paper in the letterbox.

Once you provide us with your basic information: resume/CV, position description/statement of duties etc, your SRA will give you a list of required evidence to achieve the qualification/s that will best support your career goals.

From there, we have an internal assessment process that we have been honing and perfecting since 2006. Our systems, procedures and internal processes have been rigorously audited by our national regulator: Australian Skills Quality Authority, and have time and again been given the green light.

For us, it’s personal…

Many people who contact us (maybe you too) have been recommended by someone. Word of mouth is how we know we are doing a good job, so you can expect to be treated with kindness and respect whether you become a Churchill graduate, or just need some information. Our community is important, because for us it’s personal.

There are a number of other providers and brokers in the market who treat recognition of prior learning as an easy opportunity to issue a piece of paper for quick cash. They don’t care about protecting the people parting with their hard-earned cash or meeting the high standards of the Australian Government, and as such, that certificate isn’t worth the paper its printed on. We’ve seen these providers come and go over the years, and the impact they leave behind is devastating. We are in this field to help people, and we’re here for the long game.

If you would like to find out what qualifications you are eligible for, based on what you’ve already done, we encourage you to apply for a free preliminary recognition of prior learning assessment…

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