RPL Just Got Easier: Your Secure RPL Evidence Portfolio

Since we started in 2006, we have been receiving evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applications from our clients. Sometimes they came in a box, sometimes by USB but mostly our clients sent their evidence via email or Dropbox.

We put our thinking caps on to work out a better way to receive your evidence – your own RPL Evidence Portfolio!

You will have a secure, dedicated folder that captures your evidence.

This gives you access to a dedicated folder to upload or bank your evidence with Churchill Education. It is called your RPL Evidence Portfolio.

How does your secure RPL Evidence Portfolio work?

When you indicate that you want to look at your RPL potential, we will create a dedicated folder for you and generate a secure link.

We will share this link with you by email. When you receive the email you will simply click on the link and be able to drag and drop information directly into the folder which in turn will notify the Churchill team that new documents have arrived.

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It provides a simple solution for you to share files with us of any size.

As we continue to work with you and you go on to graduate, your portfolio will also store your completed qualifications.

This means you will be able to access your folder anytime – to see the history of evidence you have shared with us, and download a copy of your qualification certificates whenever you need them.

Building your RPL Evidence portfolio

Too often over the years, clients have encountered difficulties in accessing evidence of past jobs when they have moved on to another company. Using your evidence folder can help you avoid this pain.

By periodically banking your ongoing evidence, you can ensure you always have evidence on hand.

Say you finish a project that has demonstrated your current project management skills and knowledge. You can upload your evidence here. Or perhaps you have been promoted, and you have a new position description. Stop by your folder and simply upload it.

Gathering your evidence can happen progressively, keeping your RPL evidence portfolio continually current. This now gives you the ability to collect evidence and store it for future applications/qualifications.

Update for Current Graduates

We are in the process of transferring client folders for our Churchill Alumni. If you want to start using your RPL Evidence Portfolio straight away, let us know and we will get your folder set up for you.

Any questions, reach out and we’re happy to chat … you can reach us on 1300 793 002. on of Prior Learning could help put you on the path to where YOU want to be.

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