RPL – When is it Useful for You?

Question: Who does RPL suit? Is it really useful for you?

Answer: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is based on previous work and life experience. Here at Churchill Education, we take evidence RPL from all sorts of sources. So, if you have at least a couple of years in the workforce and are old enough to have a few life skills, then you could be using RPL to gain a qualification!

Let me give you three examples of situations in which RPL can be really useful:

Looking to Change Career

It’s been a long time since a career for life has been considered the norm. Over at Forbes, they claim an average worker only stays at each of his or her jobs for 4.4 years. That’s a lot of changes and new requirements needed over an average working lifetime!

Find out what you are eligible for

One of the most important things you’ll need to consider when changing career, or even role within your industry, is whether you have adequate qualifications for the job. These days, most job adverts specify certain qualifications required for the role. As the job market becomes more competitive year on year, these qualifications becoming essential, rather than just preferred attributes for jobseekers.

Although you may not hold the specific qualification you need, if it’s in the same arena as an experience you have had – in or out of work in the past 5 years, you may be able to gain it just through this experience. No study and no fuss.

Seeking a Promotion

What’s between you and the next rung of the ladder? You have the experience, the intelligence, and the skills to do your Manager’s job, so why aren’t you being recognised? A common problem here is simply that your superiors may be unaware of the depth of skills you hold. They are often too busy with their responsibilities to stop and think about yours. So how is this problem solved? Simple. Gain a nationally recognised qualification through RPL that illustrates your ability in an easily recognisable way. Once the next promotion opportunity comes up you will be thoroughly prepared!

Job Stability

The job market is ridiculously competitive at present. Although our population is becoming top heavy in terms of age, the labour market still appears to favour the young. People straight out of university, with no practical experience, are grabbing jobs from others who have no qualifications, but who have worked in their field for many years. Scary, isn’t it.

It doesn’t have to be.

If you have worked within your role for more than a couple of years, it’s very likely that you have gained enough experience and skills to gain a related qualification through the RPL process. What does that do? Well, that gives you double the ammunition the graduates have!

If you would like to know more about RPL, just give us a call on 1300 793 002. Our Skills Development Team are waiting to have a chat and, if you are happy to, conduct a free 20 minute skill assessment to see which qualification your experience could gain you. They can also tell you about Government funding you may be entitled to.

EOFY Bonus!

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

Turn your career experience into qualifications with Recognition of Prior Learning.  Apply for a free assessment today!

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