Strategists, Status Quo & Survivalists

Like you, we have adjusted our thinking about 2020. For us, that means continuing our mantra of controlling what we can control and holding faith for the rest. So many changes and such widespread impact during a few short months – most of which was inconceivable at the start of the year.

We are optimistic realists.

As we have been chatting with people over the last month, we have realised people fall into three camps:

1. Strategists

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These are the people who are very focused on preparing for the future.

The interesting thing about the Strategists is that they can be found across a range of industries and they may even have been impacted by their job being stood down or redundancy.

The difference lies not in what is happening to them, but in their very clear focus on the opportunities for the future.

Regardless of how COVID-19 has impacted your daily life and career, you’ll recognise yourself as a Strategist if your focus is very firmly on planning to come out swinging on the other side of COVID-19.

Strategists are:

  • Seeing this as an opportunity to make changes in life for the better – what do you really want in life?
  • Devising a strategy for protecting and even building your career.
  • Working out how to make the most of the resources you have already: what do you know and what do you need to know and have in order to get ahead on the other side of this?

The Strategists are calling us to get their qualifications sorted (and taking advantage of our No Fee Payment Plans to manage their funds).

They are calling their friends, family and colleagues to ask for introductions and help.

They are updating their LinkedIn profiles and whipping through their list of things they were planning on doing ‘one day’ because One Day has arrived.

The Strategists are already seeing the future and now they are busy making it happen.

And for some of us, this is how we can take control in a time when so much can feel out of control.

You’re going to embrace this opportunity to put together a kick arse strategy and then you are going to throw yourself into it. We’re cheering for you!

2. Status Quo

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This is all about sitting tight and not changing anything right now.

No sudden moves to be seen here.

Nope, the Status Quo folk are not going to be changing jobs, moving house or making any grand plans. It is enough of a plan to put your head down and come up for air when the world has returned to normal.

Yep, you are staying right where you are and counting your lucky stars that your pay is still landing in your account. And can we say, hooray for constant pay checks!

So, here’s what we are noticing about Status Quo:

None of us can dodge some element of change through this unusual time. You may have the type of job that is not going anywhere. But this is definitely the time to look at what you do have control of and make sure it is serving you well.

For example, if your credit card debt is creeping up, you can make the type of change that involves reigning your spending back in and paying that card down. This is the time to make changes that impact your life for the better.

Find out what you are eligible for

We are hearing from the Status Quo people because they just want to check in and see where they are at with their RPL eligibility – both in the level of qualification and the available qualifications. They are not ready to proceed, they just want to understand their current status … just in case.

Makes sense.

And right now, we are onboard with all of the sensible things and keeping your head cool, calm and collected.

3. Survivalists

An aspalted ground with 'YOU GOT THIS' written on it using a chalk

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Now, for these people, their heads are reeling. So much change has arrived so fast and they are wondering how they are going to make it through to the other side.

We get it. Randall and I have been there – several times in life.

Here’s what we have learned: when you are deep in survival mode, you do not need all the answers at once. You need to start by getting a single focus on just doing the next right thing.

When Randall had his career disappear (and his very solid government paycheck), he was lost for a while.

We sat down and came up with the next right thing…

In case it helps, here is what we discovered were our next right thing/s one after the other:

  1. Get mental health support. These times are hard and your mental health is important. Reach out and ask for help. Your local GP can get you onto free support programs. Beyond Blue has just received a big injection from the Australian Government to support you. This is not the time for pride. This is the time for help.
  1. Get a basic budget in order. The basics list may vary from family to family. Right now, at minimum, you need to keep a roof over your head, the lights on and food in the fridge.
    If you need to, ask the bank, your landlord or the utilities company for help in deferring your repayments. Trust me, your story is not the first one they are hearing – tell them about the impact of COVID-19 on your life and get some financial relief.
  1. Get financial relief. For us, we had exhausted Randall’s leave so Randall searched around for a bit of casual work as a Private Investigator running out some cases and bringing in some cash. At the moment, the Australian Government has a range of programs providing some level of financial support. I know many of you will have never received any sort of financial benefit from the government before. Think of this as the time to be supported after all the support you have given others.
  1. Talk to the Experts. We had no idea how to rebuild Randall’s career so we found experts who could help. For Randall, that meant some sessions with a career counsellor. The career counsellor led to a training organisation to recognise Randall’s skills in qualifications. The recognition led to a conversation with someone else who had transitioned careers. And then he led to a business idea and from there, we spoke to a Small Business expert. And so on, and so on, one conversation at a time with people whose experience was invaluable. Until the one next thing became the pathway to a better life.
  1. Limit the Negativity, Promote the Positivity. We made a conscious choice to limit contact with people who were full of doom and gloom. There was already enough of that in our heads, we didn’t need anyone else adding to it. Instead, we shared our situation honestly with people who believed in us. They didn’t make us false promises that this was going to be easy, they didn’t have answers for everything but they encouraged us and made us feel that we had allies in this.

And that brings us to this point….

No matter where you are at … whether you are busy strategising, whether you are protecting the status quo or if you are in survival mode, you are not alone.

We may be social distancing but trust me, you are not alone.

If we can help you with a complimentary RPL assessment, career advice, or simply a kind voice on the other end of the phone please reach out: 1300 793 002 / promises to keep his bad dad jokes to himself!)

Stay safe,

Tricia & Randall

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