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[VIDEO] Q&A: Why Should I Get My Defence RPL Qualifications with Churchill?

Co-Founder Randall Smith explains why getting your Defence RPL qualifications with Churchill is a good move… 

As a current or formerly serving member of the ADF, you have built up skills, experience, knowledge and training that should not be underestimated. The difficulty lies in communicating this to employers in the civilian world. That’s where we come in.

Churchill was started when our co-founder, Randall Smith, left the Queensland Police Service after sixteen years. Randall understands the importance and challenges in translating service to civilian language. He also understands what it is to conduct yourself with integrity. He uses this understanding to inform the way Churchill operates, with respect to Defence RPL.

Since January 2006, we have helped Defence personnel exiting the ADF to translate their service into qualifications that build their careers on Civvy Street. Our team has spent decades in the ADF themselves with active deployments and proud military careers, including the SAS.

We have subject area experts and an in-house military mentor (formerly of the Special Forces community) available to you when we work together. We are guided by you and your objectives, and we are proud of the reputation we have developed as honest, honourable, efficient and effective practitioners.


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If you’re not ready to speak to someone just yet, and prefer to do a bit more research on your own – we think you’ll find this report useful:

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Transitioning Out Of Defence
And How You Can Avoid Them To Fast Track Your New Career

Download - 5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Transitioning out of Defence


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