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[VIDEO] Q&A: What’s Involved in Churchill’s RPL Process?

Co-Founder Randall Smith explains what’s involved in gaining nationally recognised RPL qualifications through Churchill Education …

1. We conduct a free preliminary skills assessment and give you a report

2.You tell us the qualifications you want to go ahead with and provide evidence

3. You receive nationally recognised qualifications!

Now let’s step that out a bit more…

Step 1. We conduct a free preliminary skills assessment and give you a report

The RPL process begins with a conversation with one of our Skills Advisors
• You tell us what you’re looking for and where you want to go
• You provide a few easily accessible documents
• You’ll be sent a report within 48 hours. This will include a breakdown of costs involved and lists the qualifications:
– You could be eligible for right now
– You could be eligible for with a little more online gap training.

This is cost-free and obligation-free.

Step 2. You tell us the qualifications you want and provide evidence
You can make an informed decision about which qualifications are best for you and your career. Once this is confirmed, we can complete the process.
• We tell you exactly what evidence we need to establish your competency in the units that make up a qualification.
• You provide your evidence, then you can sit back and relax!
• We match the evidence to the units. This is called mapping. Other providers may get you to do this yourself.

Step 3. You receive nationally recognised qualifications
Congratulations! Your experience has been validated and translated into nationally recognised qualifications.
• To save you time, we submit all the paperwork to the government for you. This formalises your qualifications.
• You receive your qualifications though both email and post, within 14 days for most qualifications. Or, with our VIP Fast-Track Service, you can have them in just 7 days.

Would you like to know what RPL qualifications you might be eligible for? 

You can either fill in the form below… Or call us direct on: 1300 793 002

Got questions, but not ready for a skills assessment?

You can send us a live chat message here on this page… Or you can email us.



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