We’re finalists in the AHRI Awards 2016!

Churchill Education CEO, Tricia Velthuizen, is becoming quite the pro at the red-carpet thing!

We’ve just received word that our CEO of the Year is up for yet another gong, after making it to the final round in the running for the AHRI CEO Diversity Champion Award.

This award honours the role Tricia has in promoting diversity within the ranks at Churchill Education, and safeguarding a working environment that facilitates the expression of this.

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Here’s what it’s all about:

Mental illness is viewed by most CEOs as a barrier to employment, but not by Tricia Velthuizen.

Her business evolved as a direct result of PTSD when her husband, Randall, had to leave the police force and seek an alternative career ten years ago. Over the past ten years, Tricia and Randall have built a successful business that celebrates diversity and accepts mental illness.

One in five adults have suffered a mental illness, but the majority do not disclose this to their employers. Their culture accepts and supports diversity, and they know that 10% of their staff have a mental illness including autism, PTSD, depression and Asperger’s.’

Churchill Education is also a finalist for the AHRI Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, for our CSR program across local, national and international levels. This award recognises the unique and out of the box initiatives and strategies that demonstrate a commitment to CSR principles throughout an organisation.

As our nomination confirms, Churchill Education has a CSR strategy in place which not only addresses their vision, mission , and values but is embraced by staff who enjoy both actively contributing to their initiatives and being part of a business with a strong commitment to giving back.’

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