Work Samples from Relieving in Higher Positions

Recognition of prior learning is the most effective way of capturing ongoing learning in your career. It is evidence based, so gathering work samples when you are relieving in higher positions can earn you higher qualifications along the way. Career gold!

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Randall Smith & Tricia Velthuizen, Churchill Education co-founders & directors

Working in Higher Positions

If you get the chance to act up in a higher position for a time, take it.

And then own it.

It is a great opportunity to reach for higher levels of qualifications.

Being a seat warmer will never be enough.

Walking in and owning that position will be. 

Owning the seat will give you experience, and that is experience you want to leverage for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL is evidence-based, so it’s important to gather work samples along the way. Particularly when you are acting in a higher position. 

Gathering Work Samples from Higher Positions

  1. Actively look for opportunities to relieve in a higher position.

  2. When you get in the chair, keep a copy of the position description for the higher position.

  3. Get something in writing to reflect the period you are holding the higher position for – payslips can work, or even an email confirming your appointment and the duration.

  4. While you are in the chair, keep a record of work you have been doing. Use your calendar as a prompt to focus on key deliverables – meetings or appointments you were in can direct your mind to where your efforts have been going. Then keep some work samples. You can redact sensitive information to protect company intellectual property if necessary.

  5. At the end of your relieving stint, get a feedback document for your performance: this could be a confirmation of your handover brief.

  6. Tell the boss, you are keen to do more!


Then book a free Qualification Appraisal to find out what qualifications your higher level experience makes you eligible for!

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