You Are Valued and Valuable

Churchill Education co-founder Tricia Velthuizen shares some words of encouragement after an inspiring cafe visit. If you are transitioning jobs or industries or simply not feeling valued or valuable, this is for you!

You Are Valued and Valuable

I have a favourite coffee shop I go to. The Long Yard Larder in Samford Village.

It’s owned by a guy named Cliff.

The interesting thing for me is that Cliff does a whole lot more than sell coffee and really good poached eggs.

He creates this sense of community and connection.

And he was talking to me this morning about a program he’s starting…

The Starfish Program

Basically, it’s a way for people to share a coffee with someone else as an encouragement or a lift up if they’re not travelling so well or the budget’s tight.

It got me thinking…

The people there do something more than just sell really tasty food.

They have a knack for remembering who you are, for making a difference in your day and sending you out the door feeling good.

Every business has a reason that they do something…

For us here at Churchill, it’s all about reminding people that they are valued and valuable.

Qualifications attained through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) do just that. They are a benchmark that shows what you know and what your skills are.

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They say, ‘You matter. Gee! You’ve done a great job. This is the standard that you’re sitting at. Well done!’

That recognition and feeling valued and valuable was so important for Randall in transitioning from the police, when he wondered what he was worth and what else he could do.

The look on his face when he received his qualifications, the sense of who he was, how he walked – all that impacted me and our family for the better because it gave us pride, hope and optimism.

Every day at Churchill we talk to people from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different reasons.

They come knocking on our virtual door.

We remind them that they are worth something, that what they’ve done all these years matters, and then help them to turn it into qualifications that show others the value of their skills, knowledge and experience.

And we’ll keep doing that.

If you could use some encouragement, a reminder of your value and the career doors that are open to you, get in touch: 1300 793 002 /

You are valuable!

Tricia Velthuizen
Churchill Education

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